No one's leaving?

Hive is in a pretty awesome state currently. Haven spent 4 years on this platform, starting from my days at Steemit in 2017, I've experienced and seen a lot of changes take place over the years.
Although I say it often that I wasn't as active as I would have liked, I think I came back at least once a year until I became consistent this year.

Every year, I observed some change and some development in the system and it kept getting better until now where it's a lot easier to understand and manoeuvre the platform than it was when I first started.

I mean, the difference is glaring.

In the beginning, I was certain there weren't more than 10 English speaking people here and even those who spoke English always wrote blockchain-related content that I barely understood and sometimes the content was just too long to settle down to comprehend.

Things are a lot easier now. We have the Leofinance application available for iPhone mobiles, there are @leo-shorts where anyone can get their short videos uploaded and other pretty dope developments like projects that could get anyone hooked.

Right now, I don't know the exact price of Hive but it has been fluctuating between $0.7 and $0.8 which is amazing compared to where we're coming from.

This is attractive for newbies. It's a driving force and makes moneymaking easy in some sort of way and faster. This isn't how things were when I first started.

It was hard. You could write 10 posts and only 2 would get 0.2 upvotes. During these times, it was hard to stay. The user interface was not friendly for me and then my posts got little or no exposure.

I didn't know then what I know now. Or maybe I knew it but I didn't know how to enforce it because everything was so difficult for me.

I feel newbies have a lot of support right now. This is a long-overdue development. I see the @newbies-initiative and I'm pleased.

I have a friend who's benefiting from it and she texts ne these assignments and it makes me happy because I had no clue about these things when I was a newbie.

Right now, it's easier to stay than leave. There's an available blueprint that just anyone can follow up with.

This is the best time to build a tent on Hive. I see a lot of people doing it. Newbies taking the lead and it makes me happy.

I'm not exactly putting in as much effort as I know I should but in one way or another, I maintain my consistency.

Things are easier now and they'll be getting a lot easier with time. No one's leaving.

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i think there are a lot of positives when it comes to hive these days and as you said, things are a lot easier than they were back in the day when we started and I am glad to see newbies utilizing the opportunities available. It is safe to say that we will be in a much better space in another four years. It is a huge opportunity to be part of the hive ecosystem.

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