So much change makes everything possible

My father was born in a completely different time. Sometimes, I imagine how different his youth was from ours and I can't blame him for lacking so much understanding of how the new world works.
The development comes slowly to our part of the world. More so, it came slower when there was no access to the internet. When there was no clue what exactly was going on in the rest of the world asides from what was heard via word of mouth or maybe the radio if you were privileged.

Those were the times of my father's youth. There were no mobile phones and information could only be gotten through posts, word of mouth or a certain kind of fax or telegram machine he described that sounded so inconveniencing to me.

That was my father's normal and that was his youth. He would spend weeks waiting for information before leaving one part of the country for another part. There was no certainty and although he doesn't think it, I believed they worked blindly.

What the world is now and how they adjust

Watching the world change from that to the current era of the diversity of technological advancements. The world is completely different from what they knew.

From being in an era where hard work and a lot of sweat were the only way to make some money, they have been introduced to the Blockchain era where a couple of buttons are clicked and a lot of money is made.

They had a hard time believing it was possible but now they are so intrigued they seem like babies who found a part of their body interesting.

It's cute but it sometimes exposes them to a lot of risks that they normally would not have been exposed to if there wasn't so much they didn't know.

Every time I go home, I get into these conversations with my parents about sites they see on the internet, articles they read and random "join now" or "click here to earn Bitcoin" buttons they come across.

I barely have the time to sit them through these things and check what they read but I tell them to read and keep reading. However, no matter what they read they should NEVER cluck anyb9fbthese things without properly consulting me or my brothers.

The quest to know more is good. Soon enough I'll be working to get them on Hive if I can but for now, I'll be directing and praying they don't fall into any online traps in their quest for knowledge.

They consider it to be free money, which is not exactly a lie. However, they don't fully grasp how the free money can be gotten and I don't trust them enough to make the right decision on their own.

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