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I've been reading a lot of posts about Nigerian guys getting harassed by security officials in different parts of the country. One of these guys happened to be my older brother @belemo. He was a police harrasement virgin so I guess you could say he handled the situation badly.
However, is there a "right" way to handle police officers? I mean if you really put it into perspective, we're referring to completely different individuals who maybe have the same terrible orientation towards youth but also have entirely different personalities.

Experience with the police

I've never had an experience personally with police officers but I've been amid my eldest brother when he got into a fight with officers for sbd9lutely no reason.

The worse experience happened to be a couple of months ago when my dad, mom and I were on our way and a police officer yelled and raised a gun at my dad for absolutely no reason.

Another time, I got a call from my friend who said a police officer mistakenly shot his gun at him and the bullet missed him and shot at the side mirrors of the car he was in.

The sad part

What's incredible to me is the fact that they do all this for a meagre sum of money. They could hold you, hostage, for the entire day for $20.

I feel it's silly when we set rules for ourselves like "hide your crypto apps, answer with single words, answer what you're asked, etc"

We're talking about the rules of dealing with different people like they all have the same mind.

Even though it seems most times like they're all led by the same mantra, they operate, sometimes, on different levels of madness.

Take for instance the time I smiled a lot at them and received different responses. On one day, I got a smile back and another day, my car got searched.

I haven't met any entirely good cop yet but I would rather not dwell on the idea of treating being in their presence with many rules. It gets stressful.

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You could say I also handled my own situation really badly as well. I was fidgeting and scared and I was sweating. They were holding guns and threatning me, my knees were hurt from the hit of their hand cuff.
The fact that they're the law makes it brutal

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The police are actually my friends because the number of times I have been harassed by them is too many to count.

I am always crazy enough to argue because of my degree but it is always scary.