Young, wild and free...

I often wonder what people who retire at 40 do for the rest of their lives. Every person I know right now who's working really hard just wants to get out of the rat race as fast as possible.

I can't blame them. They are struggling. They earn much but their funds are kept aside for this retirement at a young age they speak of. Everyone just wants to suffer while they're young and plan for a grand lifestyle when they're 40 or even below 40.
I know a lot of people won't achieve it. Coz right now not a lot of people are living it. My dad's over 70 and even though he retired at 65, he's been working as a contract staff ever since. Their generation doesn't know rest.

Sometimes, I feel like they unconsciously cheat themselves. They spent the best of their years raising kids and caring for relatives and now that it's time for them to rest, they can't because they can't afford to.

They need money to rest. So they have to work now to find the money to rest. It's absurd.

Our generation is actively fighting their reality. You see young guys at the age of 25 years working 3 to 5 jobs and still learning skills just so they can get their big break at 35.

What's crazy is that some of these creatives don't want to retire to sleep and watch Netflix, they want to retire to build their already gathered wealth passively.

They're not like my dad's generation that only know how to work to earn. This is what these old folks in government may never understand.

It's why they consider 35 year old as kids and can't understand the concept of cryptocurrency, passive income or free internet money. They are rigid.

My goal is to retire at 40. I haven't begun my action plan towards that because I don't believe I've gotten to the point in my life where I can.

I'm not even 24 yet. I haven't factored in kids into any budget. What if my entire savings goes on diapers? Boy, would I look stupid.

I wonder if 10 years would be enough time to gather funds for my retirement. Maybe start taking it a little more seriously when I'm 30. However, I have no idea what my life or my portfolio will look like in the next 5 years so, I don't know much.

I just want to be able to chill on different Islands drinking different species of coconut water from a straw while still looking sexy in a thong.

I want to be vibrant enough to go sky diving and maybe jump off the grand canyon. Learn to fly a plane and buy one for the fun of it. Hire a celebrity musician to sing me a lullaby while I fall asleep.

I wonder if 10 years of conscious investment can set me up with that sort of lifestyle until I die. I have absolutely no idea but it's nice to imagine.

What's your retirement dream?

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I was thinking about this today, asking myself if 6 years will be enough to get to a particular standard of living and I feel like it is pretty achievable with the proper planning and a lot of grace.