To Keep Chasing Or To Start Initiating?

Ever since we knew ourselves, we've been prone to chase things. It normally starts off by wanting something for ourselves, to better ourselves. Then we realise we can have more by doing this or that. From there, it gets into a deep spiral and we're thrust into it. We go on chasing from one object to a subject to an object again and so forth.

In most cases, people are oblivious of the fact that instead of having a chaser's mindset, they can become an initiator of things by having an initiator's mindset.

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What It means to be a chaser?

Chasing can be both objective and subjective. Objective mainly revolves around chasing objects and things like gadgets, luxury items, materialistic things. Think of it like the guy or girl who buys the latest gadget or luxury item, loves going to parties and is super social. That's a typical stereotype of a chaser. Believe me, there's nothing wrong with that but a dimension is always missing.

Chasers are followers and always reactive. They just go with the flow of the crowd, keeping up with the trends.

On the subjective side, it's chasing people - mostly directly - either to get noticed or seek validation. For example, If I want to get noticed by the coolest group in town, I'll start doing very noticeable stuffs in town so that they'll hear about me. It's akin to the attention economy, fighting for the attention of the people.

Is it always good?

Apart from being outside-ly famous, I don't see much good in it. What I mean by outside-ly famous is that you're famous but only from the outside. Like you personally cannot get into that fame, It's like looking at your reflection on a mirror. The mirror is there but it's not really you, it's just a reflection.

Been a chaser is often energy and time consuming. You waste lot of time in false activity, It is quite hard to maintain the façade that you created. On the objective side, the more stuffs you get, the more empty you feel. So you continue to buy more stuffs to fill that emptiness!

Been at the forefront is better!

Being an initiator means to simply be proactive where you're at the forefront of things. At some point, everyone realizes that they can't continue being a chaser - To trek your own path, requires you to become an initiator - but only a few make the jump. The rest hide under the bedsheets avoiding the issue altogether.

I get it, it's difficult, you're forced to become more responsible and accountable. If you mess up, all eyes will be pointing at you and you can't stand the humiliation. Been singled out has it drawbacks but it also has advantages.

When you're an initiator, you stand out from the crowd and you're able to 'shine out' who you really are. You get to become a leader, a role model people look up to. You choose your own path and decide where you want to go instead if been 'a sheep' in the crowd.

In Conclusion

It's time to stop being a chaser and start becoming an initiator. Don't be a follower, become a leader. Craft out a path for yourself and tread it. Don't we all feel more fulfilled when we stop following the crowd?

Do you prefer having the mindset of a chaser or an initiator? Let me know in the comments...

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate your support!

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