Huge chest Reward after Challenge of Focus Ended with earth || 19 Chest Earned

Hello every one !

it is first time, that i have been playing splinterlands for many hours in last two days. i played splinterlands for 5 to 7 hours in 24 hours to earn focus points and i think it is really one of the brilliant update in splinterlands that if player will play more and earn more points , he will be able to earn more more chest reward in daily focus so i got 19 focus so i think every one who is the player of splitnerlands , he know that to earn 19 chest , a player will play 100 battles to gain these chest so i am very much happy that i am part of splinterlands game of battle.

so now i unlocked my chest so lets see what i got in my these chest

proof of focus ended


my this focus was with earth elements and it is very much to gain more more in winning that your elements team should be strong, so i bought also earth elements to develop the strong earth elements but i saw there are many strong monster in earth element that i have no, i have plan that i will buy more more monster card to make the splinterlands account strong for future

My Focus Ended reward



i earned very good in this focus so , i got two new monster that i had no before. one is blood maker and second is vampire bat , so i earned also 66 DEC dark energy crystal that will be useful in future and i have no any plan to sell them, so i will hold them till launch of lands , i have great hope that time DEC will play important role in land .I got 3 Legendary Potion Chargeisi and 2 Alchemy potion Chargeisi .

i am great satisfy with my this achievement .

thank you splinterlands for giving me this achievement to develop my account