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2/4/23 Coin analysis

It's really, really, it's an analysis with a little bit of knowledge that I still know.

For the record. It's looking back later and remembering how stupid I was back then.

It's unlikely, but I'll never get any ideas from it.

  1. Ethereum (Feb 4, 11:40)

1 hour candlestick chart of Ethereum

  1. A few hours ago, a rise broke the triangular convergence trend line (?).

  2. After an uptrend, the downtrend line rises as a resistance line.

  3. The moving average also almost went down, but both are rising again right in line with the triangular convergence trend line.

    At this rate, wouldn't it be considered a golden cross again after almost a dead cross?

  4. Stoch RSI seems to be dropping slightly again, but if the current 1 hour bar goes back up, I don't think it will cross.

  5. The previous bull broke the Bollinger Bands and seems to have started a strong uptrend.


1-hour chart of Ethereum

  1. As for the Heikin Ashi premium, it is still rising, and the condition and size of the rod are as good as the previous rod.

  2. But if there is one thing that sticks is that the trading volume is not coming out more than I thought it would. With this volume, won't the uptrend end soon?

  3. I think the stop loss line should be seen as the lower trend line.

  4. The net profit realised (?) is when both Stoch RSI's fall below the 75 line with a slope -, when the moving average crosses again,

As there are more reasons for the rise, send a signalman to check later.


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