Don't waste your time on unproductive activities My Actifit Report Card: August 15 2021


Many people spend hours watching YouTube, tiktok videos some are wasting there time on watching television and movies I think instead of all these unproductive activities we should work to improve over health and economic conditions, I also did it in the past but now I am focusing on productive things, you get nothing in return if you watched all available videos on tiktok instead of this come join platforms like @hiveio @ecency @FinanceLeo @splinterlands @actifit @peakd @sportstalksocial become the part of Hive blockchain community spend your time here in return of this you will get a lot new information and knowledge along with cryptocurrency rewards so stay active, focus on productivity instead of wasting your time in the name of entertainment

Today I just finished my duty now I am using different hive dapps because it's my hobby , I am feeling healthy and motivated alhumdolillah after few minutes I am going to sleep see you tomorrow friends

Good night

Thanks ❤️
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Daily Activity, Moving Around Office, Shopping, Walking