How to trade bitcoin ordinals on MagicEden?

MagicEden is a well known NFTs trading marketplace which supports multiple blockchains like Solana, Polygon MATIC, ethereum. But recently MagicEden starts supporting Bitcoin Ordinals it means now anyone can trade ordinals which are known as NFTs created on Bitcoin blockchain

If you are interested in ordinals and want to understand how to trade ordinals on MagicEden this post will definitely help you to do that,


All you need is a Bitcoin Ordinals supported wallet like XVerse wallet,you have install XVerse wallet chrome browser extension if you are using PC or Laptop but if you want to do it on mobile phone you need Kiwi Browser and then install XVerse wallet extension on Kiwi browser because extension mostly not worked on chrome if you are using mobile phone

Now you have Kiwi browser with XVerse wallet extension after that all you need is to open Switch to Bitcoin from all given options as you can see in following sacreenshot


After choosing Bitcoin as a blockchain or network open any collection the open a nft which you want to buy you will see a option of connect wallet you can see it in following screenshot as well


Then you have to click on Connect wallet and you will see three options Chose XVerse from all three given wallet option as you can see in the following given screenshot


After clicking on XVerse, XVerse wallet extension will open login into it and approved the transaction you wallet will connect now you can buy any Bitcoin ordinal from any collection available on MagicEden

Always remember one thing use your normal Bitcoin address for holding Bitcoin to buy ordinals or pay transections fee and another address which is taproot supported only can be used for sending or receiving NFTs or ordinals

I hope it will help you to starts you ordinals journey, let me know in comments if you have any problem or issue, also remember Bitcoin Ordinals are new also recently introduce on MagicEden and XVerse wallet that's why don't do anything until you understand and sure about outcomes because any transaction on Blockchain can't be reversed

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