Give It Some Rest



At this point, the only thing that is about to arrest me without mercy is sleep
I have been stressing out myself way too much these days and now I am feeling the impact.
My eyes are heavy and so are my fingers and hand. In fact, every part of my body is still good and looking fine, but I am weakened.

Sometimes we don't have all the time we want for ourselves and we can't help but squeeze out time for most of the things we wanna do or accomplish and because of this we overstress and overwork our bodies to a point that it becomes weaker than normal and all that the body cries out becomes; sleep, rest, etc.
We are humans and we deserve adequate rest, less we break or we perform poorly in whatever activities we engage in.

As much as we wish to complete our tasks and we overwork our bodies, we should also consider resting well after every stressful day or a work-filled day or week. Give yourself a good treat, and relax. If your body needs that or sleeps at a particular time or hour of the day or week, then, please grant it the desire and you will be just fine.

If you are still awake tell me, have you had enough rest and the adequate sleep you need for a normal and functional body system?
And if you haven't, then please you should consider doing this sooner or later. Your body needs that as much so it can function properly.
Health they say is wealth, so treat your health with great importance.
Take care of your body and give it some time to rest most times.

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             26 August 2021