Perpetual Debtor ~ Debts Settling Debts?



When once you get yourself into debt, the chances that you would be able to pay it off at once are very slim.
It's not a thing of joy that anyone should owe, but when things get out of hand, some people are forced to borrow from somewhere or ask for help. And it's not the borrowing that is the major challenge, but the habit of doing it over and over again.
Repeating the same act over time gets one addicted and very comfortable with the habit, it becomes a part and parcel of the person until he or she cannot do without borrowing and running into debts.

Debts Settling Debts?

There are no way debts can settle debts, it is not possible.
Borrowing another person to pay off a particular person is as good as still being in debts. Yes, you have become a debtor but to another person, group, or organization. You cannot settle debts by simply loaning or borrowing. With that, you remain a debtor but to another.

It's one thing to borrow, it is another thing to refund the money borrowed (with peace and at the appropriate time)
Friends have become sworn enemies because of debts, families shattered for the exact reason.
Little wonder it is said not to joke or get your family member involved with your business because they would render your business null and void.

Strategize a way to settle your debts and not by borrowing again to pay off an old debt. If this keeps happening, you might become a debtor for life because you will keep borrowing to pay off debts and you will in return still be in debts with the next person.
Debts doesn't settle debts. Don't become a perpetual debtor.


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             9 December 2021

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