Time to invest in HIVE. what is your opinion?

It is a fact that fruitful trees attract birds. Same is the case with market. Everybody love to be a part of hot assets. Majority of people switch over to the coin with high bullish run.
That is why people switched their investment to BTC which has surpassed 61,000 $ worth. Coin has great probability to break its all time high worth of 64,800 USD. But at the same time coin has probability to decrease its worth. Current worth of BTC is nearest to the ATH worth of coin. There is a bleak chance that the coin will double its worth from current position.
On the other hand coin with low worth and have high potential like HIVE, SPS, Leo, Cub have great potential to double their worth.
Most of the time correction factor come in to play when coin achieve remarkable gain. Current week coin achieved double digits% growth
So, investors should keep in mind the correction factor. Alt coins like HIVE, Leo is good for investment. What is your opinion my friend? Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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