An Invitation to Fuse.Gold Crypto


Here at we have an outstanding single level referral program with FUSEG where anyone can refer new customers and earn free gold. There is no limit as to how much free gold can be earned and the percentage of the referral amount can be adjusted to suit market conditions.

Additionally gold X is our single layer referral system where anyone who refers new customers can earn 10% more gold X during the sign-up phase. Both the referrer and referee earn 10% more gold X. The gold X referral system also pays the referrer a percentage of future gold X transactions. These referral gold X amounts are catered for from the inbuilt 10% transaction tax that is applied to each gold X transaction.

It is also worth noting that the free claim period of gold X automatically transfers any existing referrals over to the FUSEG referral program. Meaning any successful sign-ups which convert to FUSEG buys gain the referrer an allocation of FUSEG as well as gold X.

Redeemable is redeemable in several forms, unlike any gold products currently available. Clients can convert their into physically allocated gold, other supported Cryptocurrencies and FIAT via both decentralised and centralised exchanges. The largest pair being a USD stable token/FUSEG. Using the platform, customers will be able to reclaim full-sized London Good Delivery Gold bars. FUSEG tokens can be exchanged for physical gold which can be delivered to you fully insured in shipments insured up to £50,000. (Multiple or bespoke shipments can be arranged over this amount), customers will be able to reclaim full-sized London Good Delivery Gold bars.

Get rewarded with free gold by inviting people.

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