Trust Investing, earnings May 2021



Trust Investing continues to show that it is unrivaled among its peers with excellent returns. Despite the problems in the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks, we continue to receive high profits. These were the percentages of earnings per day for the month of May 2021.

Daily earnings for the month May

The values are given in percent. Said percentage of the value invested by plans is earned each day. The percentage is applied to each plan separately.


These values mean that in the month of May each member had profits of 15% of the total invested they have in the system. In other words, each plan they have purchased reports 15% of earnings for the month.

Summary for months since the company went public


My earnings in the month of May

Since January of this year I was stepping on the accelerator with Compound Interest to increase my total investment and my monthly earnings. Also, after a great income from a referral in the month of March, I positioned myself favorably for another great retirement.

Since the previous month I had stored part of the earnings to withdraw from the system along with some from this month. So I did and since yesterday I requested the withdrawal of it. In the end I did not withdraw everything I had available for some personal reasons, but I still requested a withdrawal of $650 which is entirely profit. If you remember, I told you that since December 2020 I had already withdrawn my initial investment and therefore from that point forward, everything is profit.

In addition, even with the withdrawal of $650 I had enough profit available to buy some more packages and increase my total investment and of course the profits of the following months.

Trust Investing is not a scam or a Ponzy scheme or a pyramid scam. It is a system that generates excellent profits and also uses Networking or Multilevel Marketing to further enhance the profits of its members. If you don't want to search for referrals and enjoy these benefits, simply make your purchase and sit down to enjoy your monthly earnings and grow your investment with Compound Interest.

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