Indestructible Diamond Dragon / Share Your Battle Challenge



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What's up, Summoners!

Owning Dragons is cool, but Owning Dragon Cards is way more cool.😁 The Spotlight for this week goes to Dragons. I have not yet unlocked the potential of using Dragon Splinter. I am still using my comfort picks, which is Water or Death Splinter. I am still trying what's the best lineup for Dragons and picking the best dragons to incorporate in my usual lineup.



Mana Cap - 50
Available Splinters - Fire, Life, and Dragon
Rule Sets - Equalizer & Keep Your Distance

Full Battle

Team Composition


Brighton Bloom is perfect for Earthquake rule. Even though there is no Earthquake rule, I use him as my summoner to give all my monsters the flying ability.


With its indestructible skin or 10 armor, Diamond Dragon is best for the rule if Monster with Melee attack may not be used in battle. As long as there is not so much magic damage from the enemy, it can stay longer in battle.


Spirit Miner is my most priority from Neutral, next to Furious Chicken. It is best for lineup with Summoner's that give magic damage. I put him at second position, because he may dodge attack from monsters with Snipe ability.


Djinn Renova has Strengthen ability, that's why I put her in third position. She has 7 health and 2 magic damage, which is good for my lineup.


With its Tank Heal ability, it can sustain Diamond Dragon to survive against Magic Damage for 1 or 2 rounds.


Evangelist is my main damage dealer. She has 3 range damage and a Snare ability.


I choose Mantoid, because of its 2 range damage and can target enemy monsters with ranged, magic, or no attack that are not in the first position (Snipe ability).

Did my Strategy work?
Yes, Diamond Dragon was indestructible in this battle, because of its 10 armor, only one magic damager from the enemy (Efreet Elder), and the heal provided by Venari Crystalsmith. Diamond Dragon, Spirit Miner, and Djinn Renova dealt damage and ignored the armor of Lava Launcher and the Summoner's buff. Venari Crystalsmith restored portion of Diamond Dragon. Venari Crystalsmith, Evangelist, and Mantoid inflicted range damage and performed well in battle. In the end, all my monster was alive and celebrated the VICTORY.

πŸ‘** or Not?**
There are Dragons that I like and I have not tried most of them. What I saw from the enemy is, they are using Delwynn Dragonscale as the summoner and use Dragons with Magic Damage. I want to try it next time to see if it works for me and I really like monsters with Magic Damage.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you are doing good in playing Splinterlands. Till next time πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹


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You have strategically placed your Diamond Dragon. So, you control the battle in your favor.
Beautiful play.
Happy claim of your daily quest.


I was lucky that the enemy used 1 monster with magic damage plus the heal was really helpful.