Small and Deadly Elven Cutthroat | Share Your Battle Challenge


Image: Tama66 | Pixabay BeFunky

What's up, Summoners!

Elven Cutthroat is an elf living in the forest of Splinterlands. She is small and always have an endless supply of knives.

At Level 1, Elven Cutthroat has a Sneak ability and its her one and only ability, even though you have a Level 10 Elven Cutthroat.





Rule Sets - Super Sneak & Little League
Mana Cap - 17
Available Splinters - Fire, Earth, Death, and Dragon



For this battle, my Summoner is Zintar Mortalis. He reduces the melee attack of enemy monsters by 1.


I can only use monsters with 4 mana, so I put Animated Corpse in the first position as my tank. At level 1, he has 6 health and 2 Melee attack. His disadvantage is his speed, which is only 1.


Elven Cutthroat is at second position, because she is a melee attacker. I want to give my Haunted Spider some time to apply poison and Venari Bonesmith, to leech some health each time it damages an enemy's monster. She will be the third one to attack and her sneak ability can be of great help to kill the last monster from the enemy's team.


Haunted Spider is a range attacker, so he must not be in the first or second position. Its Poison ability is deadly and helpful in battle.


I want to increase Venari Bonesmith's health, so fourth position is best to leech life when it damages an enemy's monster.


I saw that the enemy previously used a Sneak monster and one of the rule is Super Sneak, so I secured the last position for Furious Chicken to receive the damage from Sneak attackers.

Did my Strategy Work?
My strategy is to put Furious Chicken in the last position and Elven Cutthroat in the second position. It worked out well, because Furious Chicken died due to damage dealt by Serpentine Spy. Elven Cutthroat killed Flame Monkey, because of Sneak ability. All monsters did their part, but Elven Cutthroat was the MVP of the match. The missed attack of Creeping Ooze against Elven Cutthroat was the reason for my Victory.


👍 or Not?

I like Elven Cutthroat when I need a monster with Sneak ability. Her speed is decent and monsters with 1 Speed may miss their attack against her.

At the time of writing, you still have 14 hours before season ends to achieve your desired rank and receive your rewards. I hope you are doing great in what you do and thank you for reading my post. Till next Share Your Battle Challenge 👋👋👋