How Tech Works in "The Link - Extraterrestrials and Contact"



It's been quite a while since I haven't been active in Hive and life changed in a few ways. Still, I feel this is the place to spend my free time during breaks or at home.

Today, this article is about taking a simple look. Not challenging beliefs or anything else.

Many people worry about when TOP SECRET technology will arrive in the neighborhood, and it's amazing to see so much interest in such an advanced off-world method of curing, restoring, and recalibrating the complete being we are.
At the same time, it's fascinating to learn how declassed technology enters the world, who delivers it, where it goes, and what they want in return.
Even if forerunners and wayshowers do not mention it on their way to accomplishing their mission/agenda/etc., there are certain groups of, let's say, individuals or persons who appear to be educating us on the move.
Dr. A. R. Bordon, often known as 15, is the GENIUS of unrivaled intellect behind A.C.I.O. and much more. He is widely regarded as Earth's genuine CEO.
He exposes several pieces of information in this book.

  • Dr. Neruda's interviews
  • Wingmakers material
    *Alex Collier
  • You name it further.

Find the free ebook here:

Zpek is glad to be back amongst you, Hivers!

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Interesting book! I also wondered about these questions


Thank you! If I can bring my 2 cents here and that can help others somehow, that is indeed a rewarding feeling.