The CTP Swarm - What is it About? (No Really, I'm not Sure I Get It)



What is CTP?

What is the CTP Swarm?

These are questions that might be holding this community back from the growth it could be experiencing...

Let me tell you how I got to here.

But before I do... Please feel free to correct me.

Have I misunderstood what this community is about?

How would you describe The CTP Swarm? Who is the ideal person who should participate?

If I have this all wrong, please let me know in the comments.

Now, let's continue with my quick story...

You see, I am a marketer. I make my daily IRL living by helping Real Estate Professionals improve their marketing systems to drive traffic, acquire leads, and convert leads into sales.

I somewhat recently started diving into the Hive ecosystem and was excited by the potential I saw here:

  • An active community of people who own their content, followers, etc...
  • A place to earn crypto largely just by being valuable and helpful or interesting to the community
  • A place where there's starting to be a community for every interest that people may have...

Now here's the problem I experienced...

As a marketer who got excited about this platform I started trying to make sense of it.

The first thing I figured out was that there was obviously a helpful and active community around @splinterlands (which is what drew me to Hive in the first place). So I used my Splinterlands hive account and started writing about Cryptogaming over at @iviaxpow3r - and have experienced some exciting results creating content for the gaming community through that account.

I realized that this other side of me... the "marketing/business/entrepreneur" side of me may not be the kind of content that people who were looking for gaming content would find interesting... so I started up this account I'm writing from now.

Through this account I went in search of "my people" on hive. The people who love talking about Conversion Rates, Funnels, Click Tracking, the kind of people who know what ROAS is (Return on Ad Spend if you're not familiar with that specific term).

I was a bit disappointed to find that it seemed like there really wasn't much of that kind of content going on in Hive (at least from what I could see).

Well, lo and behold... I stumble onto a post from @bitcoinflood talking about different tags that can be used in order to optimize your earnings with Hive and right there in plain day @bitcoinflood points out in his list of tags/communities:

Click Track Profit - CTP - Primary focus is on business building be it books, affiliate, finances etc. Great community of people.

Color me surprised! Even after searching for marketing related info I didn't even notice CTP or think that it was the community I was looking for.

Why did this happen?

Why did someone (me) who was actively looking for my community of people who love business & marketing (CTP) struggle to find that community when I went searching?

Let's take a look and see if we might be able to make a few CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tweaks and get better results in the future.

What I Saw When I Went Searching

What I saw when I went searching

I use as my primary front end for Hive. I'm aware of other front ends but have always found them lacking in terms of user experience, so most of my hive creation and consumption has happened on

When I went searching for marketing content, I definitely found some posts that were relevant... but none of them seemed to be a community that was focused on marketing. They seemed to be in other loosely connected communities like LeoFinance.

Now... I was looking for a community, so over to the right of my search I did see some possible communities:

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 11.19.32 PM.png

Here's how I interpreted this:

  • Splinterlands & Peakmonsters are both about Splinterlands... that's not what I was looking for.
  • I had no idea what Market Friday is about but it looks like it doesn't even have an image set, so I just assumed it was inactive.
  • Loving Hive sounds cool, but again not the kind of community I was looking for for "marketing" & "business" content
  • Finally, we have "The CTP Swarm" - honestly... I had no idea what it was or if it was even relevant to me so I probably didn't click it the first time I saw it.

Key Takeaway: The CTP Swarm is a creative name, but perhaps it's too creative to quickly tell people looking for this type of business/marketing content that they've found it with this community.

Possible Solutions: I'm not even sure if this is possible, but I honestly think that "Click Track Profit" as a name more clearly conveys what this community seems to be about and would let people know they found the right place.

Let's continue down the rabbit hole!

Here's what the CTP Swarm Community looks like in the Communities section of
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 11.36.32 PM.png

This section is definitely a little clearer when it comes to what the community is about, but there's still confusion about what "CTP" means - and generally, a confused mind leads to inaction.

Here's some possible updates to this section:

First off, I think we make sure that "Click Track Profit" is first and foremost in the description.

We're limited to about 73 characters before we get cut off, so we want to optimize that space with as much info as we can to clearly indicate who this community is for. Here's some ideas:

Click Track Profit | Featuring Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.
(73 Characters)

Now, we can actually use more characters, (approximately 109 is the max I've seen), they'd just only show up once someone clicks, so let's expand past that initial phrase!

Click Track Profit | Featuring Business, Entrepreneurship, & Marketing... and Bridging them to the Blockchain
(109 Characters)

Now we have a phrase that clearly connects to what I believe is the community you're trying to reach, maximizing the characters both before the "more" break and after.

Finally, let's take a look at the description area available on the community itself on

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 12.16.42 AM.png

Our short description carries over into this box, so the first part is taken care of. Now we just need to add some more details in the main description.

In here, I'd use an AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) formula to write out Who should join the community and Why they should join and What they'll get out of it.

Here's an example:

Are you interested in business and marketing?

We’re a community of like-minded people who are passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from each other. Our members include entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, bloggers, freelancers, affiliate marketers, and more. We’re all here to learn from one another and help our businesses grow.

If you want to be part of a supportive businesses community where you can learn from others, share your knowledge, then Click Track Profit is the place for you!

Join today for Free!


  • Click the subscribe button to see posts from our community in your feed
  • Upvote posts that you find helpful
  • Contribute your own content to help the community and earn Crypto Rewards (CTP Token, Hive, and more!)
  • Be sure to use the #CTP tag in your posts to earn CTP or Post/Read using our Dedicated Platform at

So, to wrap it up, I think this community may be just what I was looking for - I just wish I was able to find it a little more readily.

Perhaps my ideas may be helpful in preventing the same problem from happening to the next new user (there's a lot of them with the exploding growth of Splinterlands).

Or perhaps I'm way off my rocker and got everything wrong and am still not in the right place. Feel free to let me know in the comments!


Appreciate the tag :)

So a little backstory about CTP

It's been online for over a decade. And we have been training our members for all these years on basic, straight forward online marketing. Our niche market are the work from home, and entrepreneurs that are looking to build businesses online.

We dove into the blockchain about 4 years ago after dabbling in it for a few years before that, but what struck us is that we could teach our members how to use crypto and blockchain, simply by replacing what they currently do...With what they could do on Hive.

So the beginning of CTP here on Hive, was never meant originally to bring Hive people to CTP...But rather CTP to Hive.

That's where the confusion I'm sure stems from, which is our fault but to be honest...We never knew where this would go, and way before tribes were here, CTP was building on the chain (Bitcoin Bully & Steem Savvy were our original methods of bringing our customers here)

Since then, it's taken a life of it's own.

But the CTP Swarm is...The lifeblood of CTP, on the blockchain. Our business community, on chain and helping them get more familiar with all the exciting things that Hive can bring to their businesses :)

Along the way, we've developed many Hive-centric apps and continue to do so. Heck we're even witnesses on Hive and Hive Engine.

But our main goal, will always be to bring more people from offchain...To the chain to help them build their businesses here.

Hope this helps clear some things up ;)


Thanks for the thorough reply!

That makes a ton of sense. So The CTP Swarm community is largely being built by your outside efforts with (signed up and started going through it to see what you’re up to - great stuff! Great work!)

I’m going to keep going down the rabbit hole on your site, and getting a feel for the community so I can make sure my contributions are in alignment with this cool community you’ve built.


Yeah exactly. Tribes and tokens for different communities didn't even exist when we came over to the blockchain. So the main goal has always been, bring people from CTP over to Hive :)