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On my way to reach my 5th Milestone at Viral Mailer For You :)
How about you ?

Activity Milestones At VMFY.png

Yes, you are rewarded for just about everything you do at VMFY !
And when you think you already got the best, Jason just comes up with
something even better. Check his latest updates :

The Top 5 Splash (awesome!) :

The 19 Solo Offer (wow!) :

... More of these if you read the Newsletters and the Site Updates...

Had to keep that one for last, because there are now 200+ reasons to
join VMFY

... 200 reasons + mine (that should be yours too) : RESULTS !!!

But, remember : Results will only show up if you use the system !

log in every day and take part in the daily, weekly and monthly contests
There are at least 65 activity tokens to earn every day... and rewards can be
free ads, free credits and even cash !


Go for these Milestones and their awesome rewards !
... because Jason Wise really is the undisputed KING of big prizes !!!


PS1 : VMFY is for serious, consistent and active marketers only !
Reminder : all membership levels need to be maintained at VMFY

  • Upgrades are periodical and if they're not renewed, your membership
    level is downgraded to the level you had before upgrading
  • Free accounts with no activity are considered as dormant

PS2 : All my VMFY (and FAFY) tips are to be found under one single roof!

Follow me at Cash Juice and pm me there to find out more!


Great work Chris, keep it up.

Thanks, Erik (with delay, sorry) You know I'm still a battle or 2 behind trying to catch up :)