My Name Is Andy and I'm here to Learn Teach Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Hi, my name is Andy Anderson and I have been an online marketer with special focuses on content creation, search engine optimization, and social media marketing since January 2003.

Prior to joining the online marketing world, I have 14 years in management positions ranging from the Hospitality Industry with an emphasis on Food and Beverage, Retail, and Fuel Services. Since being online I have seen highs of being operating partner and CEO of Kooiii Social Media search and Socialtisers Advertising prior to my nervous breakdown in 2015.

Since my breakdown, I have worked entirely online after a 10-month hiatus which had damaged my physical and mental health. I now have Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety issues that up until this past year have been crippling . and lead to financial hardships. I now champion mental health awareness by sharing my story with others who push 100-hour work weeks on a regular basis and run full steam with no caution about stress build-up.


My new business launches in February of 2020 and is named dotLocal SEO (, offering local search engine optimization and website design on the Wordpress CMS. We will help clients find a new presence online or heighten the awareness of existing businesses through sound and up to date Local Search practices and monitoring services.

This has been a dream business for me since my days at and I have trained for over 15 years for this day using these same practices on a small fleet of sites I have owned and occasionally I have done small scale search engine optimization projects for friends. Mostly SEO content writing.


I am also a recent adopter of the Cryptocurrency world. I am starting to experiment as I saw the potential for a large burst, and gradual rebound with stability like we are starting to see in the market today. Rather than scraping through and trying to time the bubble right, I chose to wait for more steady and realistic growth after the speculators had speculated themselves into another bust moment.

What I see now is an investment that because of its macrostructure and finite availability will continue to grow in value for years to come. This is part of the reason when my friend David Hurley told me about Steem and it's a new relationship with ClickTrackProfit I had to come to see the earnings model for myself. What an awesome way to generate user interest and build influencer generated content on a new blockchain backbone. I see nothing but upside to Steem and Steam Power as one of the most trafficked and traded crypto tokens in circulation.

This time I am at the forefront and will be a proud participant in the journey.

Andy Anderson

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Welcome to CTP Talk, Andy! Thanks for sharing your story with us...

Do you accept crypto for your services? And do you plan to use Fire-Pay and accept CTP tokens?

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I do intend to accept Crypto as a form of payment and will be looking into Firepay though it looks like Coinbase might be my primary for Crypto immediately on opening. A lot has to be worked out before I get started, but I am looking for a processor with a virtual terminal and mobile app for it so I can charge customers based on exact service needs and on site if needed.

Hi Andy,

Good to see you found your way over here and have got stuck in already. I can assure that this is a good place to go "full STEEM ahead."

Thank you also for the mention!

Good luck with your local seo business.

Thanks David, it's going to be fun being here now that I found CTPTalk, spent two days on the Steemit site before tracking it down.

I've learnt a lot in the last few days so if you need any help - especially once you start to accumulate CTP tokens and Steem - drop me a line via Webtalk or Telegram.

I just bought my first SteemPower, have to learn the economy of the site but I was a bit surprised to pay to post and earn. Still, it looks like a great system of pay it forward.

Wow, great to meet you Andy! My name is Rob Gehring, owner of Trafficleads2incomeVM. I have aligned with Jon and CTP and David as well. My site is listed CTPs Maastery section which has created alot of great business relationships. Thanks for following me, I followed you back and I look forward to seeing great content from you and paying you for it. :)

Hello, again Rod, I know we are connected in a few places but really need to network more. I think we are friends on AdlandPro, Apsense, and IBO Social for example yet we haven't really spoken in some time.

Hey Andy. I’m not active in any of those. My passions are trafficleads2incomevm, clicktrack profit, and clb learning. You know what, we’re actually connecting dots on all 3! Yes, we need to talk. :)

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the follow and back at you.

Glad to see you here and within CTPTALK.

Here is to the future.


Awesome to have you here and thank you very much for sharing your story!

If you have any questions at all on how to get started, send us a note :) We're always around to help!

Hey Andy, thanks for the share.
Your story can inspire others.
Welcome to CTP land.
I hope to see some great thing from you.

Hi @affiliate3pct, good to have you here - especially sine steem needs some marketing for sure!
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Hi. thanks for following me.