5 Tips On How To Not Suck At Affiliate Marketing

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Running ClickTrackProfit.com for almost a decade has taught me quite a few things...

I've seen new affiliate marketers jump on board with excitement. The thought of 'striking it rich' online...The determination and aspirations...

Only to have the 'vortex of doom' suck them in....

For reference....

the vortex of doom

(The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom)

Hey I get it...

Life happens. New opportunities pop up. Things aren't always the same for each of us...

But here's a few things that we can do, right now, to 'stop the suck'...

1. Build Your List & Use It

The sad fact is that the majority of online marketers seem to think this age old recommendation to build your list, is somehow dated. We should worry more about Instagram likes rather than names on our email lists. I'm not going to sit on my soap box and explain how important it is to build your contact list...However I am going to urge those that ARE building their lists, to actually use it....Regularly.

That doesn't mean you need to send them an update every day about how your cat is enjoying her new cat nip (unless that's your market...) but I've seen it for years...People build their list, send one email a month, maybe two, and then poof. Just to hammer the point home, let's dig into our vault of overused marketing quotes...

"The money is in the list but the fortune is in the follow up..."

2. Engage With Your Community

You know what is the hardest thing online to build...A community! So when I see project after project (especially in the blockchain space) and business after business, IGNORE their community...It blows my mind. This is the GOLD, your most important asset and the lifeblood of how far your business will grow. So I would highly suggest, you dedicate some time to engaging with your team, with your customers and with your community. Every single day!

Hey if you won't, there are plenty of communities out there that will support your people...And in this day and age, the businesses that acknowledge and engage with their communities win...So, yeah...Stop making excuses!

3. Show Up...Everyday.

Blah blah blah right? Heard this one before...

Again, the amount of times I've heard people say...Oh I'm here for the long run! I'm not going anywhere. I believe in this business....Only to give up a week later.

I'm not exactly sure how people think, in today's business environment, that somehow if you show up once every month or two...People will trust you to do business with you. Nope, it's a formula for instant failure and if you want to make money with your online business...Please...Show up. And then show up tomorrow. And the next day...Oh by the way, in a week or two, you STILL should be showing up....

4. Stick Out...Purple Cow Yourself!

Yeah, you need to stick out. You need to do what 99% of the others in your niche aren't doing...Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but...For reference...

And success in this business means doing the most uncomfortable thing, every day, that will push you...For some, it's behind the video camera. Others, it's creating content. Maybe for you, it's writing emails. Or working on your ad copy. Maybe learning Facebook ads....Whatever your 'comfort level' maybe, it's time to get past that...And keep pushing yourself.

5. Use The Tools...

If you are like me, you've spent a small fortune on internet marketing training, tools and services...And most of them lay dormant on your desktop. Wanna be 'different' than most in this business....Don't just buy the latest gadget, actually USE it!

Crazy talk, I know...

Actually using what you spend your hard earned money on...Well, I know that changed my life over a decade ago.

I bought a home study course for around $700. And it sat on my bookshelf for years...This was way before digital downloads, so we're talking entire study materials and about a dozen DVDs. One day, after looking at how AWESOME this product was, I actually started to watch the training and do the work...It translated into tens of thousands in sales for my company...

Stop letting the stuff you buy gather digital dust...Use the products, use the tools, use the social media services....

These are only a few tips on how to end the cycle of failure and to stop sucking at online business...And these tips are absolutely useless unless YOU put them into practice.

I guess that's the biggest tip of them all....

Do the work!

I hope this post kicks you in the butt a bit...Cause God knows, it kicked my own butty writing it!


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Consistency would be I how I would sum it up and @jongolson you are that,
Consistent in your message.

appreciate the comments man. thanks for all the support.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Good tips and advice thank you for sharing and great picture at the top

Canva is magical ;)

As always Jon, leading by example. and don't get frustrated at those that don't get it, you know, you can lead a horse etc

True true, thanks for the reminder man, appreciated!!!

Not every owner is here everyday kicking our butts, so the consintency in keeping us motivated is the best part, at least for me! Thank you for the reminder 🍀

For sure....We're on the right path for sure!

Well done Jon, a stirring call to action. You did ask in your Monday night show this week what you could do to get people focused on building your list and to stop clicking and build; perhaps this article will drive that message home.

For me, I've been reluctant to get into list building yet I know that the money really is in having your own list, and engaging regularly with your members.

I like the idea you espoused the other day that list building and brand building go hand-in-hand; got me thinking real hard about my current online strategies. I have been focusing on personal brand building; I now need to shift my focus and add email marketing to my content creation mix, rather than just using social media.

The festive season is now upon us. This is the time of year to make plans for 2020 and beyond. Suggestion: let's all make list building our #1 priority as we leap into next year.

It really does....you can't do one effectively (i believe) without the other. Thanks for the comments and suggestions man!

I suck at the last 2 things... Have to push a little bit more every day...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jon!

LOL Dude I suck at all of them, I write these articles to kick my own butt LOL

Jon, This is that Golden Nugget you have always been talking about. If Members don't get that, then they will be left in the golden nugget dust wondering what has happen. Excellent Post Keep Them Coming.

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks @jongolson for your reminder pinch. Needed it to keep going. You have already taught us this, but sometimes we get so caught up in other things we lose focus. Consistency of actions equal consistency of results :)

Thanks for the comments. Yeah it's a good reminder for everyone...Myself included lol

Great advice Jon, consistent action and constant improvement will get you to success, and kicking some butt.

Yessir...Each and every day!!


Great post @jongolson and absolutely true! It won't happen overnight and it won't happen if you're not consistent!!! Is it my imagination telling me that the top image was in one of the lesson modules on @clicktrackprofit or perhaps in a Facebook @ctp webinar, it definitely rings a bell!? Have a great week ;)

That image has been around for years now ;) I stick it everywhere lol

Plus 1 Daily....And consistently. ;)

This is really true and motivational at the same time!
BOI approves.
Nice to meet you! I'm a new blog in the Blog Town. Have a wonderful day!

Dear @jongolson

Good read. Thx

I'm sometimes wondering if Affiliate Marketing in current days (with so many digital marketers) can still be a "way to go"? Or is it mostly dead end (for majority of people).

I surely do agree that building community around us and our projects is something that many seem to ignore. Big mistake.

Upvoted already :)
Cheers, Piotr

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