How To Make Video Autoplay & Firefox Issues

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As an affiliate marketer you should be using video . Video has been proven to be the best way to brand yourself.

Even if you don't use video yourself, You should at least respect the rights of your fellow marketer that does use video.

Now in this video I will show how how to auto play video in the Lead capture Page builder inside Click Track Profit.

I also talk about how Firefox has blocked auto playing videos and how You can allow them to auto play.

To find out more about Click Track Profit click the link below

Check out the video below where I show you how to fix the autoplaying issue in firefox

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Really great advice @scottrohn, thank you very much.

Thank you for your comment and for the resteem it's very much appreciated. I was going to make this post eventually sometime in the future. But when I saw the conversation in the CTP telegram group earlier today I thought why not today

Thanks @scottrohn, it's well needed.

NIce tips Scott and great response at Telegram issues... That's how the community works!

thank you for the advice

This is really valuable advice @scottrohn, thanks for supporting the community and for sharing this great advice, it's awesome.

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good post Scott. This helped solve a problem i had. Thank you for the good work

Good post Scott. This helped
Solve a problem i had. Thank
You for the good work

                 - freedomteam2019

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