Dead Of Night In The Industrial District 😦 One Person Ill Will Shut Us Down Also! ...

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... Strange to see the streets around here so empty, not a truck to be found. usually this area is active at all hours of the night but tonight our cold food shipping business is the only one active. We are considered an essential service. if we shut down much of Vancouver Island will go without meats, deli items, and all their frozen goods. we deliver to places like Thrifty Foods where my fiancé works on the front lines. so much is riding on our establishments remaining open but if only a single person that works within them is diagnosed with Covid-19 witching a week of being in the building we shut down for 2 weeks. furthermore because my fiancé is on the front lines if I am off work for two weeks because of possible contamination she has to take precautionary measures and stay off work as well because if she is diagnosed with it within seven days of being in her workplace it will have to shut down also. The real concern here is spread of the disease not necessarily the virus itself, the disease which is a symptom of the virus which is what causes death. we all need to remember to practice social distancing for the one person you may infect unknowingly could very well take down the entire supply chain for all of Vancouver island! TP will be the least of your worries then!


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Lucky you you can work on and probably do even better business. 💕

I sure hope so as things were starting to get slow around here