That’s My SteemitBoard Ranking! #139 Across All Of STEEM, What’s Yours? Been here ...

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... doing my thing a long while, good to know I have some form of notoriety for my efforts 😅 I don’t feel like I’m in the top 150 highest ranked accounts on STEEM but according to @steemitboard I am 😉

A project done by @arcange and friends giving notifications as comments on posts about account progress and growth. I embraced this project early on encouraging myself to push for the next level with more engagement and frequent posting in an attempt to collect their badges... I have noticed projects like this seem to be forgotten as we gain ranks and find our place on the platform, we become preoccupied with achievements let’s say. Myself I always try honour what started my journey or encouraged me further. I can safely say @SteemitBoard had a large influence over me when just starting out giving me something to gamify my activities around.

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Let me know your SteemitBoard ranking in the comments down below 👌


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Thanks buddy 🙌

Thank you for the shoutout about the Steemitboard Ranking and my work.

BTW, I'm only ranked #364 by reputation 😞

No sweat my friend it’s the least I can do 👍 figured I should write a post about it instead of continuously talking to the comment bot 😅 still amuses me that I was doing it for so long to see if I would get your attention 😜

As for the rep I suppose I have cheated a little, I did use bidbots pretty regular which boosted me and the DTube vote was huge back when I started as I’d watch my rep jump 1-2 places each vote. Stopped buying votes a while back and 74 to 75 was a long hard grind 😅 but you know it just made it all mean that much more having to work for it...

As of this point, the 2 year mark, all but one of my original goals are complete. I made rank 75, earned well over the 10k SP, broke 1500 followers, got the monthly poster badge several times, last is joining you amongst the witnesses 🙌 best part of this and the reason I’m writing it all out is that STEEM is paying for my STEEM witness rig which I can thank you and your projects encouragement for helping me get there 🙏

Don’t worry about your rep buddy, you have notoriety which I’d say is that much better 😇 I feel blessed to have you stop in from time to time and appreciate my journey... I’d bet that goes for everyone you visit 😉

Thank you for your kind word @d00k13, really appreciated!

If you ever have a message you wish pushed or project promoted, consider me your guy 👌

I may never get to the point of being an active developer witness or one that understands anything past what I am told but I intend to be a supportive character... besides one day I may ask for help, on what I’m not completely sure 😅 who knows right? What I will say for certain is I try in the best of my ability to be a man of my word and knowing that I will say, I got your back! For what little that actually counts for it means a lot to me.

PS side note... did @cryptotalk ever talk to you about implementing the badges into @partiko? (still trying to track Sida down TBO and I’m searching for anyone that may have an email to ping him) Since it seems like either partiko was bought out(3rd hand info) or just simply stopped development(last I heard directly was return in sept) I have been trying to figure out what direction the project could be taken to continue... lol I always write you a paragraph 😅

Congratulations @d00k13! I still have a long long way to go but looking at the Steemitboard, I know for a fact that you all started from the bottom before reaching this far. There's no reason why we couldn't do it if we keep on believing.

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Why hello there 😅 I have something long over due for you! To be completely honest I want to redo it, I think I may... it didn’t come out right and I wish to make it better... dunno why I didn’t think to make a post about it I’m sorry for that, I get easily distracted.

You are right, I did start from nothing and earn my way up! This is why my message is “if I can do it so can you!” as it only took dedication and willingness to learn and invest. Invest not just in the platform but my own growth which led me to the best thing I would have never of thought about asking for, finding myself!

Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

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My 1307😀

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That’s not too shabby 👌

I'm #1222 by reputation

Almost in the top 1200 👍 doesn’t look like it will take to long for you to make it 🤞

#3184 way down the list! The good old days back when @steemitboard was my loyal commenter!! haha

Congrats on your achievement :)

I know right, they seem far and few between since the change with HF21... I’m glad to see the project still plugging along 😜

Congrats on the great ranking!!

I'm at 1302

That’s excellent, pretty tight packed area in the list... won’t take much to jump a few spots 👌

My good bless for you

God bless 🙏

We will get places.

Amen brother, it will be together or not at all and I don’t feel like giving up!

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very cool

What your ranking?

I ve yet Started so im a litle fish :)

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Much appreciated 👍