#2020Vision Day 50 of MonkeySquats! #pushon powered by @pixiepost for physical, mental ...

in appics •  last month 

... and spiritual awareness on #steem and #actifit🔥💪🙈🦄


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You go girl

It warms my heart everytime you two do the squats together - his giggles & the bond you two share. Love it. You are on fire, Sis (& no, I don't mean the Fireball ;) LOL)! Let's #pushon & spread that #2020Vision spirit throughout the blockchain!🧚‍♀️🦄💜🐵🔥

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I agree with @pixiepost 100%. I love watching the two of you do these videos. When David is 18 and going off into the world you will look back at these and it will make you smile.