Appics Miniseries #18 - Graphic With Build Your Brand In CTP ... I just made this ...

in appics •  6 months ago  (edited)

... graphic using Canva, and I used a photo that I took yesterday as the background.

The graphic features ClickTrackProfit and the message is to build your brand with CTP.

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

This is all my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Photo: Erik Gustafsson
Edit: Made in Canva by Erik Gustafsson


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Graphics made in Canva

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Very well done!

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Thank you very much @fiberfrau, stay awesome.

Very nice Erik, I love your consistent approach. All your roads lead to CTP. We can see from your marketing strategy that you have real passion for ClickTrackProfit and the associated programs.

Thanks Ian, yeah these graphics are soon to get on LCP's, and then to the gauntlet, stay awesome.

Well done 👍, @flaxz!

Thanks @cryptospa, and stay awesome.

Interesting work! Love the background

Thanks @blind-spot, yeah I took it yesterday in Stockholm, glad you like it.