One of the biggest concerns new content creators face is what can they blog about? ...

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... What should they focus on? And how can they use Steem and everyday? Find your voice and start creating daily!


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If all else fails I blog/vlog about my day and what has happened. You'd be surprised how people are interested in your daily activity. Just human nature

Oh absolutely man...Document your journey, that's the first piece of advice we give CTPtalk members in training!

As often as not, I just end up blogging about some aspect of my day; my life; my experiences. After... meh... 21 years of blogging, it seems the consistent thing that "sells" is having a personal touch. Information without personality is just boring...

Just talking about yourself and your interests in an interesting and humorous way would work...:-)

You just can't beat it...Nothing better than a personal touch in all this digital craziness lol

Classical nugget of Marketing Gold! 👍❤💪☝️


Thank you for this Jon!
I've been kinda stuck lately..maybe from exhaustion or getting overwhelmed..but I don't wanna be an excuser! I'll be back on track soon :)

Just remember....We added like 50-75 new members to our websites over the past few days....that's 50-75 people that know 'less' than you do about the beginning stages of affiliate marketing.

You are a wealth of knowledge to them :)

I'm trying to bring value with almost every blog post, or vlog, but as @robertandrew said in the comments, even a short vlog about your day can attract eyeballs to your content...

I didn't pay attention to that, but as time is passing by I see more and more vlogs with nice amount of upvotes and comments where the author is just saying what was he doing that specific day...

So, create content... it's easy and no excuses!

And what's awesome....I just created this post, simple graphic I drew and it took me like 5 minutes...Posted it, and am getting great engagement from it :) Thank goodness for Appics ;)

Find the convergence and start creating content, awesome advice Jon.

Yessir. And it works because you always can attract an audience...You just need to create!

Thanks Jon, and if you write and talk about what you like you will find others with the same interest.

Find the convergence
And start creating content,
Awesome advice Jon.

                 - flaxz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you. 👍🙏

That's my problem, finding a niche and creating a following...

Slow and steady but the first thing I would do...Is work on your passions and what you love to 'talk' about. That's the niche :)

This one of the aspects that I need to work on more is finding either new things to blog about or find a way to blog about stuff that has worked for me in the past. But just got to get out of my COMFORT ZONE!!!!

Share your experience man. You've got years of it...And new marketers and community members can benefit from it :)

What does "ctp" talk stand for!?

Click Track Profit.

My business community that has been around for a decade, and just bringing them over to Steem now :)

Oh ok cool thanks!