Monday night ramblings

in #archon2 months ago

A few things to cover. I have started a few nightly blog posts. Why? Because I have stuff to say, share, and promote.

I am a loyal Ecency user and have been accumulating points and it is time to claim some of them as Hive payouts. So my evening posts are done with Ecency.

ShakePay for us Canadian's. Best facet type program I have discovered.


Just open the app once a day and shake your mobile.

I want to get to Dolphinhood so bad that I almost sold 2000 CTP tokens to boost my Hive. But I thought better of it, for now. Thoughts @jongolson?

Congratulations to @pixiepost on becoming a Dolphin today.

That's it for tonight.



Selling CTP is cool...Buying CTP is cooler ;)

Thanks sweetie. I appreciate it!

I use Ecency as well & was wondering how to use those points. I just kept accumulating & never thought to ask about it lol. :)

On your eCency authored post, hit boost function. Current rate, 500 for 1.2 dollars worth of vote. Not forgetting the follower trail which will add up a handsome amount in the end. You can also use the point to advertise and sponsor your eCency authored post, so your post catches more eyes on a stranger's feed.

Oh that's fantastic! Thank you. I appreciate your help as well. Now it makes more sense lol.

Have a wonderful evening 💗