Work in Progress - Puppetry

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I made a quick sketch and the initial lines here. It's all done under spare time as I only allocate around an hour or two daily just for art. The rest of the hours not actually working is spent on watching tutorials and trying to pick something up from other styles.



Sketch on the base layer and then implement the line work. I don't imagine the end result while doing it. I make it up as I go along. Same thing happened when I was making this post.

There are a lot of ideas that come up in how to color/shade or stylize each portion when doing the line work. Just like the linked post above. It never turned out as I originally planned but the end result works for me anyway. I'm just experimenting with learned techniques and mixing them up.

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your time. This is a creative footer by @adamada. A Hobby Illustrator.


One of the very few positives from this pandemic is that many people seem to be using time on creative pursuits.
I was reading something online earlier about record sales for arts and craft company's and sales of model railway items in the UK had gone through the roof!
Hope your art is keeping you sane!
Best wishes
@namwan another artist for you to follow!

Thanks for stopping by! the art keeps me inspired as work tends to drain a lot of me. I work in the Pathology department dealing with specimens and studying diseases. Toxic is a polite way of describing the work load. I wish I could convert this hobby into commercial levels but can't expect much if I only allocate around 1 to 2 hours daily if lucky. Thanks for recommending @namwan. I checked her posts and looks like a promising artist to the blockchain.

Ahhh, @namwan is a friend I just got up and running here , I meant she should follow you as she knows no one but two way street , thank you.
I couldn't imagine your workload right now!
Working in Pathology, do you have a different view on death to the vast majority of people? I know it would be a busman's holiday so to speak but it would make a seriously interesting post!

I did create an alt account for pathology content @adamada.stem but haven't worked on a post for it. I do have something in mind but just trying to balance the time to do it and art.

It would be great if @namwan has a discord account which can help her connect with other artists on the platform and maybe have her craft move up to cryptoart if she wants it. I'm currently in the process of onboarding another artist too but it takes a while to convince them.

An amazing thing about this blockchain is that one can get connected with professional working in various fields of art. There are crypto artists, digital artists and 3D artists already onboard. The only thing lacking is engagement as everyone seems to be busy or the lack of anyone asking for pro advice.

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