Proud owner of my first car, aged 42 🚗

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It's been a long time coming, and many friends who have chauffeured me around for the last 25 years or so would say too long, but now I've moved away from them lot (again) and finally got some wheels!


The photo in the keyring on the left is from 2006 - my daughters first year, and it's been kept save in the wallet I use for my passport since then. The keyring on the right is from her first year at school and it feels good to be able to use them.

She is 15 in March and can legally drive in the UK two years from that point. Who knows, maybe her mother will let her take the Beemer out. She can certainly drive my new car - it is as old as she is 🙂


In 1997, prior to university, I had 3 driving tests and failed the lot. My mum didn't own a car, and the only time behind the wheel was sat next to an old pervert who'd tell me weird shit like how the girls her took out to practice would call him whilst fucking their boyfriends. I didn't really enjoy that as I was trying to concentrate on the road, nor did I enjoy the cigarettes he'd chain-smoke, or the fact his 1l Nissan was crap.

It wasn't the right time, and I didn't care so much as I knew it would be at least 4 years until I could afford a car. Living in a city in the middle of England, with a new tram system and decent bus network, made it easy to get around without a car. Two hours to London, less to Manchester and my hometown, and the cost of the fare not much different to petrol each way.

Then in 2015, almost 20 years after my first tests and with the first trip to Mallorca looming, I thought it might be a plan to try for a license in the UK to save having to learn and pass a test on the 'wrong' side of the road. A decent instructor, a car with less than 1000km on the clock, and a laid back test supervisor dude (sure he nodded off at one point), meant I passed with 3 minors, two days before my flight.


Since then I've hired 4 cars from anywhere between 2 days and a week, and I'd say my kilometer count is around 1000 in total. Valencia to Benedorm in Spain, Toulouse airport to Sérignac in France, travels around Mallorca in a automatic (which I dented), and something to get around Mauritius in - that's it.

It's fair to say, for a 42 year old, I'm a total noob and do not feel all that comfortable behind the wheel, yet. Practice makes perfect though I guess, and having your own vehicle to get used to must help. Hopefully my confidence will rise in time, and I'll be able to make some trips at weekends and during holidays in the summer.


Today was the maiden voyage, a trip to the supermarket to buy some beer and shit-roll. This journey is normally made on the bike and I am limited to what I can carry - backpack and a bag on each handlebar. Today though, as well as the above essentials, I even bought some bottled water and food.

Next up, permission to stay, taxes to pay, crypto moon, and Lambo.




Sweet ass whip ya got there. Congrats sir!

Thanks dude, I love it!

I’m still driving my same Toyota Highlander since 05. I love it and while I’d LOVE a new ride as I’m definitely overdue...I don’t want the payment attached to it. Maybe when HIVE hits a couple bucks I’ll treat myself to a new one. 😉

Enjoy it man. You earned it!

Cheers dude :)

Yeah, no need to splash the cash if you have something still running well. Would be nice to see a dollar or 5 wouldn't it? That's Lambo land :O

Yeah she’s still running like a champ. Little issues here and there, but by far the most reliable car I’ve ever owned. I’d love a new Highlander if i had the means to pay it off outright. Otherwise, I’m gonna sit pretty with her until it doesn’t make sense anymore to do so.

But I kinda like Tesla’s as well....c’mon Crypto portfolio!!!!!

This one is also running great for 2006, I have a feeling it's demise will be related to my driving skills, or lack of!

Come on the HIVE!

Lol. Drive safely my friend.

Many happy miles of driving, let the tar roll out before you and enjoy the adventure.

Age is but a number, but it is easier when younger being slightly more reckless.

Good excuse, why have a car in a country with excellent network in trains and buses.

You had to find a good place to use lovely photography memories, or worried your daughter will arrive and have to drive you around town...

Whatever the reason, congrats and good luck with sorting our all the rest you have lined up to worry about already... Know I could never afford the tyres on a Lambo!

....your daughter will arrive and have to drive you around town.

I really hope this happens in the future!

Thank you Joan :)

I'm sure this will happen in time, for now keep driving it gets easier, confidence eventually arrives when least expected.

Have yourself a wonderful Friday!

I even bought some bottled water and food.

lol, bad habits starting already

For guests :)


Next up, permission to stay, taxes to pay, crypto moon, and Lambo.

Congratulation !! 👏
It will serve you perfectly to get used to driving and then with Lambo you will be already pro!

Que te sirva bien el coche :)

Muchas gracias!

Espero que el coche lasts me until Lambo! :D

La esperanza es que el Lambo venga lo más rápido posible :D

Btw, we have the same aged children. He asked a few times to teach him to drive 🤐

Proud owner of my first car, aged 42


I had 3 driving tests and failed the lot


At least you've got a bit of time to get some practice in before the Lambo.

permission to stay, taxes to pay, crypto moon, and Lambo.

I fixed it for you . . .

permission to stay,
taxes to pay,
crypto moon,
and Lambo. Boom!



Muchas gracias Gillian!

That is a much better word arrangement and ending to my post!

Hahaha love the boom! Just what it needed!

Big congrats will take a while and then you'll be a pro. Practice indeed makes perfect. I remember when I bought my first car. Saved up for 2 Years and bought a crappy old Corsa lite. No Aircon, the hooter didn't always work, and the driver seat was couldn't move to the front so passengers could jump in. It was a piece of crap but we had good times. I was also so nervous I would sweat profusely when I much that i would drive around with extra clean t-shirts in the trunk to change into when I got to my destination!

I would sweat profusely when I much that i would drive around with extra clean t-shirts in the trunk to change into when I got to my destination!


That's me, although I purposely wore just a t-shirt this evening. On other trips though yeah, sweating with nerves constantly!


Lol it's highly invigorating though.i promise it will get better! Good luck and invest in a god deodorant 🤣

Congrats mate, hope it’s many happy k’s for you!

My first car was an opel Astra 1995 model and I don’t care if I ever own a car again it will always be my favourite! All paid for by me and fixed it up by myself so I was pretty proud of that rust bucket

Was pretty bummed to let it go

The first is always the most memorable I guess, even though she weren't that hot :)

Hopefully tomorrows post wont be 'Just stacked first car, aged 42'

42? Well that's not bad many didn't know how to drive till they were 50 or so, but basically, that's s beautiful blue ride, looks like my own version of a lambo. Haaa. Congratulations Asher wow

Ah good, you know people later to the party than me :)

For a 15 year old car, it is in pretty good condition. The (Welsh) guy I bought it from buys and sells cars here for next to no profit, and I trust he's not sold me a heap of junk.

Hopefully it'll tide me over until Lambo :) Cheers!

and I trust he's not sold me a heap of junk.

Hahah thats another thing to contemplate on after all the say all that glitters isn't gold. But this feels good for its age and hopefully you'll rock this one big time.

He wouldn't have bought it if it was a heap of junk - can't sell those to your mates!

I'm hoping not to 'rock' it too much and add to the various minor scratches :)

When I come to Spain, let me know when you are on the road so I can get off it. 😂😂😂

That driving instructor sounds like he needed reporting... gross! Glad you got wheels now, though I think it's super cool you didn't drive all that time. I met tons of people in UK who didn't get licence til late.. unheard of in Oz with the big distances and shit public transport.

Ha! You let me know when you are on the road, I'll do some burpees in boxers with thumb out for a riiiiide.

Umm, anyways yes, a car felt pointless to me for many years due to the decent transport network. I think I saved some trees :)

I would have never guessed you are older than me.

My youngest kiddo recently got behind the wheel. That's not entirely accurate though since she's been driving side-by-side ATV's for years. So she knew how to drive before she was taught how to drive.

And that blue isn't so bad. You joked about getting a red car but statistically, red cars get pulled over by the cops more than any other. That could be one of those made up facts though...

P.S. Don't drink then drive.

I would have never guessed you are older than me.

It's the average English and boyish bad jokes.

I suspect your youngest is a far better driver than me, and I think mine will be too in 3/4 years. It's just not that enjoyable at present - you'll never hear me say 'let's go for a drive'. I need a purpose, and a phone telling me where to go.

Happy enough with the blue, black is nice although not ideal when it's 40c.

Drinking and driving is strictly reserved for my two-wheeled transport :)

The first car I bought actually came with the purchase of four new tires. It was cool because I didn't even have to put the tires on. They were already attached. It was kind of black but mostly dust color and rusty. My second car was a blue, just like yours. It had little headlight washer nozzles that sprayed fluid everywhere after I broke them. So I'd always insist people at bush parties could sit on my hood. Then I'd push the button and make their asses and crotch all wet. My third car was black. Once you go black, you never go back. That's my go-to color now. My motorcyles have always been red, except for the first one, which was yellow.

You must have been pretty satisfied about receiving 4 tires with your purchase.

Did you get a high-vis jacket, a foldout warning triangle, and 4 litres of washer fluid? The latter could wet a lot of croches I reckon.

Black would be my choice but they aren't common here. Maybe the sun melted them all.

No. I received a car after purchasing 4 new tires. The car was free. The tires on it were what I paid for. It was the biggest piece of shit ever. I took a pressure washer to it one day and the whole side of the car fell apart. Then I got some money back when I sold the tires.

A white car in Canada is dangerous to own. Nobody can see you. You can't miss a white car in a blizzard. You'll hit it.

This is awesome!! Congrats on your new set of wheels. Perfect maiden voyage if I may say so myself lol


I thought so - Beers tonight and I'm sure the other items will be in play tomorrow morning :D

I also want to buy a car, but I am very afraid of hitting and harming an animal or a person. I'm panicking and getting excited 😔

I understand your fear, I worry about other people when I am behind the wheel too!

I think I need therapy on this subject too. Or I won't have any cars😂

Hello dear friend @ abh12345 good afternoon
What beautiful and tender images that you have put on your keychain. congratulations on owning the car. Enjoy it a lot.

Thank you jlufer, I will try :)

Firat step to lambohood! Never too old for that hahah

Not at all - 65 and Lambo?!

Do the insurance companies rake people over the coals there? It pretty much is a scam in America, car insurance. Just another corporate tax on peoples lives, enforced by the government. 100 dollars a month for our car insurance, not a fun expense at all.

Actually car insurance is cheap here and unrelated to the person. It's based on the size of the car / engine, etc, and for me, cheaper than in the UK. About $300 for the year.

Car insurance in America is in my opinion pretty much a rip-off, but one more thing we have to deal with. It seems at times that no one is responsible for the accident, we even have Failure to avoid an accident rules/laws so that if it cost to much for the car insurance company they can always fall back on that.

It does sound like they have drivers over a barrel. Ah well, head down and eyes on the road I guess.

Wooooooh woot! Big things. Much love & safety out there friend. Congrats on your becoming. Hugs! I love your sign off. ✌

Thank you Jill :) Yes, safety first - I'm not a fast driver, too slow at times!

Nice one. Congrats man.


Hope you have fun with your car.
Don't forget Spain is a great place for biking ;)

Thank you!

Yes I brought my bike over from the UK and use it daily :)

Awww so cute that you've put your daughter's picture there😊 Have a safe drive and I am sure that you will be a great driver Asher! This is the practice car, preparing you for that Lambo lol

Finally the keyrings can be put to good use :)

This is the practice car, preparing you for that Lambo

Here's hoping!

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First car! Eh?

Which side of the road they drive over there?

Am I invited over the summer or not?

Damn! That sounds like a threat!! LOL!