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Hey JesSEO's

People often ask me how they can make money on the internet, and of course, there are several things you can do like blogging, developing a course, trading cryptocurrency, opening an eCommerce or dropshipping store, creating websites for others, running ad campaigns for businesses, trading forex and stocks, affiliate marketing and so much more.

The problem with any of these initiatives is that you need the traffic to do it and to get the traffic you either need to work hard at creating content or you will need to fork out the cash to the sites with the traffic and ask them to send some your way.

One way of getting traffic to your site is by blogging and then later turning your blog into a business. The problem with blogging is that people aren't sure what kind of content to produce that will get them the traffic and audience needed to become profitable.

There are now over a 600 million blogs currently competing for traffic from various regions or around the world, so competition is tough but not impossible to build if you have the time.

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The secret to building a blog

There are so many tips online about how to create a great blog, and yes these tips do work from how to do SEO, writing attractive headlines and leverage social media and all that jazz, but there are only two things I think you need to know about getting your blog going.

Have a place to call home

One is to own your domain and be blogging on a domain name that you own; that way, you have full control over the hosting and content you provide. Sure you can share it to your steemit and medium blogs and syndicate it on other sites but always ensure you have one place to call home and all road eventually lead to it. So if you have social media accounts, guest post on other sites or syndicate on other sites make sure you point a link to your source of content being your domain.

Be consumer-focused

Whatever your niche is be it travel or gardening or any interest under the sun that has real consumer interest and you have expertise in it you can match these two together to create compelling content that works. Why I say, this is because you know what kind of answers you would want and the questions you would ask as a consumer, so create those questions and answers in various articles.

Always think about answering the consumer's questions better than anything else available online and make sure you keep updating it regularly as things change in your market of choice.

Content such as buying guides, product reviews, product comparisons, product or situation and helpful lists are all great ways to mix things up and present the same content in different formats for different search trends.

If you can master the art of consumer content trust me, you'll bring the readers, and the brands will be banging on your contact form to get a piece of the action.

The rest will come with time

As you get into tracking and reporting you'll naturally find yourself going down the rabbit holes of how to improve your site's performance with SEO or social media, or email marketing or push notifications or whatever marketing it may be.

But don't get too caught up in all these details just yet, building an online business will take time, and you will get their step by step and article by article. I've had well over a million visitors to my blog, and it's only starting to grow now after year three.

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And What is your best way earning money online?
Affiliate? Advirtisement? Crypto? Trading?

For me is it (Not writing included) 1. Affiliate 2. Linkbuilding 3. Cryptoinvest (But that is not much)

I’d have to say affiliate seems to be the easiest at the moment I would say travel affiliate is the best so far, other sectors have pretty low conversation rates

But you can also do things like retail products and make cash via amazon and such

Link building and paid guest posts isn’t a bad way or making cash but so far I’ve had better luck with Adsense and competing ad networks

Amazon is not in Sweden yet so never tested.
For thoose without seo skill I Think productreview and linksale is easiest.

Here in Sweden travelaffiliate is extremly hard. Bookings and Hotels takes it all

For some people there is a learning barrier.
I am not really good at writing or getting a red thread through a story :D

I am learning and thats what I use steemit for.
The extra income from a blog would be nice tho, if you had the trafic

For sure there’s a huge learning gap and no amount of advice is going to teach you as much as getting started! It will take you years to make any sort of money with a blog but think of it as a passive income stream that you have full control of with the more content you produce the more chance of traffic and more opportunities for income

I really enjoyed reading your post. Very insightful and informative. Blogging is new for me, vlogging even newer, so there is a definite learning curve.

Thank you, I'm glad you found it interesting, I wanted to keep it light as not to overwhelm readers, it gets far deeper than that, but if you know what you are doing and willing to invest time and a bit of money it can be a successful venture

Thank you so much! Glad you found it worthy enough to share 😬😬😬

Lool braaaa

Really great advice about building a blog for profit @chekohler, it takes time and dedication, but well worth it in the end, and by the way you can also have your own domain on your Steem blog through the Engrave dApp, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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I heard about the engrave app I checked it out briefly but didn’t go into depth thanks for the tip I will surly check it out and put it through its paces

Thanks @chekohler, yeah definitely do that, I even have a 3 post guide on my personal account @flaxz about Engrave, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks for the advice I’ll check our your guide when I get a chance sounds exciting


You got a link for your own website ? Would love to check it out

You can check it out here it started as a marketing blog and then I expanded it this year to new categories, accepted guest posts and allow local businesses to add themsleves to the site

This is very informative for novices like myself. Thanks for sharing.

It’s a pleasure I hope it helps and gives you something to think about

@thisisawesome, is there a place other then the steemit project page where a list of steem dapps can be found?

This is submission based but it’s a good list to start finding steem based dapps

Thanks @wanderingmoon, and as @chekohler said StateOfTheDapps is the best place to start.

Very interesting...

Thanks glad you enjoyed it