Blockchain Conference Alicante 2019

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I was attending today's first day of the Blockchain Conference organized in the city of Alicante, Spain. If I understood well it is a part of a conference series taking part in different cities in Spain to raise awareness of the possibilities of the blockchain. It lasts 2 days, and I will probably go tomorrow again to attend the rest of the presentations.

The first day was "shorter", it was only 4 hours of presentations, most of them were half an hour. The topics were mixed very well and it was material for everyone... From implementing blockchain technology to ticket sales for soccer matches of the national Spanish team to the ways of tax traders and people who work with cryptocurrencies...

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As time passed, near to the end was organized a round table about blockchain and crypto in general... As the majority of the attendees know about BTC, Ethereum and maybe Ripple, the most talk was about those cryptos... But, the conclusion and the final question was the same as we are asking ourselves here on STEEM: "When will happen mass-adoption?"

Of course, nobody can give the exact answer to that question, but I catch one interesting answer from one of the speakers... And it was almost the same as we are always telling people in STEEM and blog posts in general (at least I do and I know that @jongolson mention that a lot)...

The thing (blockchain, cryptocurrency) has to be STUPID SIMPLE!

The mass-adoption will come when someone develops a dApp that can be used as a social network where you have your blogs, your wallet and you can pay with it your bills, tickets, etc... Sounds familiar? I have just described STEEM, but without the part of "simple payments"... As we still have a bunch of keys, without a good simple mobile wallet solution.

Just another interesting question was about blockchain adoption (not cryptocurrencies)... And the answer was similar to the previous... Implementation of the blockchain technology in certain companies can be very profitable, as in general, it cuts expenses... But, people are very often short-term thinkers, and they don't want to move forward if there are no radical cuts in a short period...

And one other thing that I didn't think about it... One of the speakers mentions that some of the companies owners here in Spain are afraid of the term blockchain because all the negative fuss made around scamming ICO tokens and coins back in 2017... That is a very bad image in public, but, it is understandable after all the negative things that bankers were throwing on crypto...

So, my conclusion is that we need to promote, promote, and promote not just STEEM, or CTP token, but all the blockchain technology and the benefits that it can bring to the people and society in general. We have to be ambassadors of crypto out there!


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Wow. Wish I was there. I would have something to say ;)

Hehehe... I bet you would. Anyway, I was there as a listener, and not speaker. 😃

It is interesting that you have these types of conferences where you are. It will probably take another decade before it reaches my part of the world. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend! ^_^

Actually, It isn't a big deal... But, it's good that people are talking about blockchain and the audience is interested in the new technologies.
Have a great weekend.

It's SPUD day tom. Joining again? 😉👍

Yes, I will be there... But not for win, but for participating... 😃

Thanks a lot for sharing about this crypto conference you are attending @ph1102, and very nice thoughts about the need for crypto and blockchain to be stupid simple to use, and yeah it very much needs to be that on mobile, sadly Steem is lacking here quite a bit, so let's hope that it moves forward, keep up your great work and enjoy the rest of the conference, it's awesome.

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Yeah, you are right that Steem is going a lot behind in the mobile world, but that is our slow and steady attitude... :) Sometimes, I would like that to be a little bit faster, but, it is like it is...

I'm not a developer, just a blogger... But, on the other side, we, simple bloggers, can bring awareness about the pros and cons of our cryptocurrencies, try to point out where we can be better and promote where we are great!

Thanks @ph1102, and you are absolutely right about that, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks for letting us know about these conferences Zoltan. People are no longer just talking, they are participating. Change is in the air, and people sniff an opportunity to be part of that change.

All good, we have similar events happening in 'lil old New Zealand. I was going to attend one this week, just that was an all-girls show. I'm not scared, well not much!

Year 2020 will be the crypto year. January 25 is the beginning of the Year of the Rat. That is my year. So, next year is action time. Rat Years tend to be the best of the 12 for change. Check out:

Yes, these conferences are very basic, but, as I said earlier... it is important to spread a word about this great technology, and things will happen when the world is ready...