Blocks and Badges... Or How to Motivate Yourself...

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A few days ago I was writing about writer's blocks and I have just experienced a new one... I have watched all sessions from #SteemFest4 and pumped up myself to the limit, and I still have block...

Then, I have decided to try to motivate myself by checking my profile statistics here on STEEM and CTP and it worked! And, yes... I have checked my notes before doing that and got an idea from there...


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I saw two different things that motivated me! No, @pixiepost, it was not a CTP rich list this time... :) But, it's connected with #CTP Tribe... I have overpassed 20K staked tokens! Next goal, 30K!


Another thing that is even more important is something about what we are talking about ALWAYS... And @jongolson mention it recently in live webinar... And that is consistency... and expectations... You can't expect to succeed in anything if you are not persistent... If you don't show up every day...


This Steem badge means that I have posted every day at least one post... and that small number 5 means that I have done that for 5 weeks! And, one more thing... I'm not a native English speaker (as if you didn't notice that... lol) and my posts are far away from being some professional-bestseller articles...

Just a reminder of accomplished goals can be a strong motivational trigger for doing your job!

I just want to say... If I can do it, everyone can do it!

PS. You can check your badges at


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Congratulations! ^_^ Your updates on your progress are so inspiring! Keep it up! :))

!giphy congratulations

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Thanks, @iamraincrystal! That was the point :)

Wow, wow, wow. Thank you! For ideas! hehe


hahaha... I will start to ask a % of your earning for these post ideas... :P

Thanks for taking your time to read my posts and comment!


Nice work.

I'm not a native English speaker (as if you didn't notice that... lol)

Didn't notice that at all, your posts usually read very well.

Oh... Thanks... You made my day by saying that... :) I'm always afraid that my posts are too complicated and weird because of my English...

Consistency is key Zoltan, keep collecting those weekly and monthly badges, and Steemitboard also have other great statistics to measure your progress, stay awesome.

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Steemitboard is awesome to give you small push when you are stuck in the mud...
Thanks for the comment!


Thanks for the reminder about consistency. And congratulations on your 20K staked tokens. That indeed took a lot of work with consistency. I'm sure you'll reach your next goal of 30K sooner that you think with your work ethics.

Thanks, Chris! I appreciate your kind words and your trust in my abilities.. :)

I would like to have that level of trust in myself :)

What you have written here is a good reminder for everyone regarding the power of consistency. I have resteemd this post.

Thank you sir, I appreciate it! And cosistency is a really powerful thing.

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