Our Daily Battles

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As you may know, I like movies and I have a specific taste... :) I mean, I like some normal or blockbuster movies like Deadpool, StarWars, Avengers, but I like even more some less known movies and some movie classics... As a matter of fact, I have another account on Steem which I'm using for publishing posts about new movie trailers... If you wish, you can check it out at @newtrailers.

Anyways, about a month ago I was writing about the movie Motherless Brooklyn with awesome Edward Norton in the main role, but also as a director and a writer. And then, today I saw an interview with him where he mentions the movie title song Daily Battles that was written by the living legend, Thom Yorke, the singer, songwriter and founder of Radiohead.


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The song is great and you can check the YT video at the end of the article with lyrics, but the title of the song is perfect. When I heard it, I've connected a million things in my head and these two words can perfectly describe most of our daily struggles.

As an adult person, we have multiple battles every day of our lives... Sometimes we don't even notice that because we have made a habit from them. Even as a child, we start with our battles... Reading a blog post by @justclickindiva named Inappropriately dressed reminded me about that... We are learning to live with/in stress from our childhood and that is not OK.

Later, we got involved with injustice in our teenage years, then University life, nepotism everywhere, lies from the media... Pumping up our stress each day... Problems at work, maybe marriage problems, a child doesn't want to listen, etc... We need to disconnect somehow... Maybe not disconnect, but release ourselves from all that tension...

During the day, I'm also having my battles... Doing everyday work, doing the boring same stuff, or trying to escape from my daily duties... That sofa is always so soft and comfy... :) But, I have to push forward and DO the things... But, I always leave something for the end of the day... Something that helps me to sleep better... Something to relax before going to bed and power up my batteries...

I leave this for the end of the day... Right this... My daily STEEM post that I share with you guys... Sometimes it is something educational, practical, that you can implement here on the blockchain (School of Steem). If it helps just one person, I have succeeded...

Sometimes it is just my personal journal where I share my progress in #CTP and that can also help you to see that the others also struggle with doing things... That you are not alone...

Sometimes, it is a post about one specific word that touched me and I had a need to share it with you... Trying to share the feeling with you...

And sometimes, it is just a personal view of the things around with an intention to share the baggage with the friends and make it easier for everyone...

Until tomorrow... and the new daily battles...


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Yeah it's daily battles Zoltan, for myself I must say the hardest is with time, it's just never enough, so I have paused some of my posting a couple of days to get a better plan together, and be able to focus more, stay awesome.

Exactly! The day is sometimes too short... :) We need to make it last longer somehow.. :)
Thanks for your comment!


Daily battles indeed! For what would be life without a little challenge here and there, huh? ^_^ Have a great day!

You are right... It is good while they are little challenges... The problem is when they are bigger... That's why it is a good thing to have a shoulder to lean on...
Thanks for the comment!

I'm with Mister Awesome! My daily battle is with time! So many things to do and so less time! Either at work, at home or online! Another crazy battle for me is management! don't know where to start and when I start something I don't finish and start another thing and so on lol and now my battle is that it's my turn to be sick! Thanks for passing it to me ahaha :)

Ohh... :( I hope you will get well soon!
And regarding time management... I remember the time when my kid was a baby... There were no time schedules and management at all... He was the Time Controller :) :)
So, it will pass as he grows...