Refuse To Lose

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You know guys that I like to watch "weird" movies... :) This one is not so weird, but I would like to say that it's "different"... :) Also, it is not so old, but I would put it in the classic movie category... Did you recognize the movie from the title?

Yes, you got it right, it's a Little Miss Sunshine. I will try not to spoil too much the movie... If you didn't watch...

I don't know how, but I have missed a lot of great old movies... Luckily, I have another project here on Steem where I write about the new movies and share new trailers, and then I've been "distracted" with these gems from the past...


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This movie and the family which is in the main focus are the mirrors of today's society... Maybe they are presented as stereotypes, but that was done with a reason... We have everything, ambitious father, innocent child, typical teenager, suicidal uncle, worried mum and finally, a grandpa in middle-age crisis (or old-age)...

But, I didn't bring up this movie because of that... One of the first scenes in the movie is Richard's motivational speech of "9 Steps of Success" and the last one on the list is REFUSE TO LOSE.

I know that it sounds corny, but actually, some of those steps are really good and should be followed if you want to succeed in your business. Refuse to lose would mean that we can't give up on the first fall (or fail), or in the second... or in the third... Actually, we decide when it is a game over, when is the moment that we have lost. If we refuse to lose, to call the game over, we will stand up and battle, again and again...

Just one thing more... The whole trip to the competition was a disaster, from the beginning, through a problem with a van, grandpa issues, Dwayne eyes problem, etc... The word FAILURE was written with bold letters in the sky... And, the moment when the family recognizes that there is no chance for winning is precious...

The moment when ALL of them want to give up, they stand up and bet against the odds! And stand behind their daughter, sister... That is the real value that they received that day and they DIDN'T LOSE, just because they were REFUSE to!

If you want some more great steps to success from the movie, take a look at two:

  • No Hocus Pocus, Just Focus
  • Think Big. Act Big... Be Big.

I would like to recommend everyone to watch this great movie masterpiece.


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The story seems a motivating one. Am thinking to watch it in week end and will comment my view on this.

Thank you @ph1102

It's more like a comedy movie, but with hidden deeper message..
thanks for commenting!

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Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks for the beer!

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I don't know if I ever watched that movie @ph1102, but I have heard of it, and the advice that you got from it is just great, refuse to lose, just keep going till you get it no matter what, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks for the comment... And if you have free time, watch the movie and have fun! It's more a comedy movie, so it's easy to watch... :)

Thanks @ph1102, I will certainly keep it in mind if I get some free time, stay awesome.

Your movie reviews are great! You should keep them coming 😉👍

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Thank you so much for your comment... Maybe I will make some kind of regular weekly posts about the movies that left a mark at me...