Fun With Tokens While Drinking Coffee

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Now that @brofi welcomes all sorts of delegations, I decided to delegate some POB and SPORTS to them. I already delegated some CINE and CTP and have been getting daily income. I'm not a big investor, but it is passive and it is daily, so I see no downside and a lot of potential.

I love that we can promote projects without taking away from others as long as we all keep creating value in some way. It's almost magical.


Yes, magical internet money! Like Jon said.And we don't have to make anyone or ourselves uncomfortable to do it.

Yeah, I hate asking people to buy stuff. !BBH

Good Morning and Thank you very much for the BBH, @fiberfrau! You and me both and I know we are not the only ones who feel that way. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend.😀

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