Video Killed The Radio Star...But What Did It Do For Your Business?

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I've had quite a journey to get to the blockchain...

Before this I was and still am, in the affiliate marketing business. It's been my life for 20 years now and has no signs of slowing down...

But 'Jongo' was once...In another industry. And that was the music business.

I was a writer for a popular music magazine plus an artist manager for years. heck I even tried my hand at DJ'ing now and again...And it's funny, because I actually found affiliate marketing by trying to find ways to promote my artists on the internet.

Yes, we're talking around the years 1997-2001....So that was new territory for a lot of us in the music business...

One of the tools we tried to secure for our clients was a 'music video'. Now let me explain...You see, as a manager for an artist, you got paid between 10-15% of whatever that artist brought in. And the bulk of their income was from music sales (if they were independent) and touring revenue. And guess how you sold records or got people to show up to your shows....

The music video!

This was basically a big flashy advertisement for your artist. With the goal of being played on video music stations (yes they used to play actual music videos on these channels) and of course, radio spins.

What the HECK does this have to do with Steem? Or your affiliate marketing business?

You see, we talk a lot about content creation and being in front of your customer base / subscribers as much as possible...And that's what a video was back then!

Being in FRONT of people!

Reminding them you had something they needed. The more exposure you got through videos and radio plays, the more record sales and tours you could sell!

fast forward to today's day and age you find the same kind of 'exposure' but now it's in the form of social media.

Want to get more people subscribing to your mailing list? Deliver more value through your webinars and social media output.

Are you looking for more sales in your marketing funnel? Create campaigns that are shared and talked about in your niche.

Need more followers on your Steem account and social media platforms? Engage with every single person that responds to you or even better...Reach out to others!

You see, back in the day...Our goal in artist management was to secure the video deals...Because we KNEW, that was the key to generating more interest and sales. The same example should be used within our businesses in today's environment...Create. Deliver. Engage!

However here's the best part about using this game plan in 2020....

A music video back in the day (a cheap one) cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Sometimes hundreds of thousands....

We can;




For next to nothing and we have so many platforms to choose from...

All it takes is your creativity, effort and embracing these new forms of advertising and social engagement.

Video may have killed the radio star...But I think it's a blessing in disguise for social media stars ;)


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A music video back in the day (a cheap one) cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce. Sometimes hundreds of thousands....

And now this cost literally ZERO... You can create a video on your phone and brand yourself blogging on the free social networks... + there are places where you will get paid for doing that.. hint, hint, nudge, nudge... :)

Yup, it's such an exciting time to be involved here. And I think it's only going to get better

Video is great Jon, and all you need is your phone and some free apps and you are good to go, then publish on Steem with Dtube, Appics or 3speak and get paid, plus it builds your brand and is also good for LCP's and building your list, and then you have your business in affiliate marketing on the go, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks man, appreciate the comments and great points :)


thanks Jon for this insight. Matter of fact we are already seeing "stars" pop up on the Steem Blockchain. One such "star" has a name that starts with the initial "j" and ends with an "n" :)

LOL Too funny...Man it's just such an amazing time to be here and have all these tools at our disposal. Loving the journey.

Nice! I had no clue you were an artiste manager. That is pretty cool. Would love to hear how that led into affiliate marketing.

You are very consistent with your videos. I see you pop up on my FB like clock work. ( I may not watch often, but you got my support.) Hmm I gotta start doing some of those. HMMM your next vid/tutorial ( if you haven't done it already. " How to go live to the world"

Good suggestion, i'll see if I can get one done this week about that :)

Yeah man, from time....But got out of the music business around 2001-2002 and focused on the online marketing stuff....Literally was trying to find a way to promote my artists on the web and clicked one banner that said I could make money online lOL

Well said and long live the video stars of today. I am sure you qualify Jon

ha ha ha man,...Just let me see you guys win in CTP!!!!

Dear @jongolson

20 years in the affiliate marketing business ? That's impressive. Your experience must be mindblowing.

What the HECK does this have to do with Steem? Or your affiliate marketing business?

That was indeed my question at that very moment :) How predictable I am, right? :)

Would you mind sharing link with me to some explanation what your token/tribe is about. Does it also have anything to do with "Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing...." ?

Also one more question: did you create your own HIVE on If yes - could you share link/hive-id with me?

I agree about building engagement with others, and for that reason I would like to ask if there is any way we could DM each other? Perhaps we could explore options of supporting each others efforts.
Do you use telegram or discord by any chance? My discord: crypto.piotr#3426


Here's the link :)

We have a hive community on Steem, but to be brutally honest, we haven't messed with it too much. Seem to accomplish a lot with our tribe on Steem Engine ( and in house with Discord and Telegram.

But we're always looking to see what else we can offer our community to bring them over to the blockchain.

Our CTP and SteemSavvy Discord is here, pop by anytime :)

Hi again @jongolson

We have a hive community on Steem, but to be brutally honest, we haven't messed with it too much.

Can you share link to your hive? And thx for sharing link to discord server.

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr