You May Not Hit A Homerun, But Take A Swing Everyday!

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I was sent on a mission today...

My mother-in-law needed me to drive out of town to pick up some products she ordered from a local merchant, the only issue was...The 'local' merchant was about 50 miles out of town.

No worries, I love to drive so off I went....Usually I try to listen to personal development material on these longer drives to turn my car into a rolling university (that's an old Jim Rohn saying and technique lol). So I started to listen to one of my favorite podcasts 'Darren Daily' by Darren Hardy.

In one of the programs he spoke about showing up, regardless of whether or not you complete the task...The important thing is...Getting into the habit of actually SHOWING UP!

This is what I do before I go to bed every night...

I write 3 tasks I want to complete when i wake up the next day...So for example, last night I wrote down;

  1. Create my latest Scavenger Hunt promo for CTP
  2. Email my lists to let them know about it
  3. Write a blog post about it on

Bam! I hit all three and have this HUGE sense of accomplishment because...I took 3 swings today and planted some seeds of success.

However, take a look at what I wrote down on Sunday night....

Urgh....Only 2 of 4 completed! (Sorry @PixiePost I'll do better!!!!)

I may have 'failed' at completing all 4 tasks I had written down but it didn't STOP ME from taking more swings the following day.

And this is the nugget I hope I will share with you today...

The HABIT is what is important!

Sure, we should shoot to compelte everything we have written down, but at the same time life happens. Things go sideways.....Sometimes you don't get it all done. But you STILL SHOW UP!

This is why I write down the 5-500-5000 formula when I first got started on Steem, because engagement was critical. I knew as much as I would have loved to create content everyday, I might not be able to. But I COULD engage everyday.

I knew that my success or failure on the blockchain was a direct result of whether or not, I showed up every day! I didn't have the big crypto pockets to dump into Steem Power, but I had the hustle!

And this is where YOU can step up and take swings everyday.

No matter what happens and no matter what is thrown your way, you MUST show up everyday! Even if it's just a simple 'Loved your post Jongo!' comment here or there...You must stay top of mind!

And that happens because...You engage! You may create. Or you share something on the blockchain or social media...The important thing is that you take swings! Everyday!


Each of us has 1440 minutes in a day. Combine that with the scary truth that each of us is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages each day as well...

We have limited amounts of time for our attention and lots of people pulling for it!

If you aren't taking swings everyday and developing the habit of DOING SOMETHING....You will become obsolete in the industry you want to succeed in....


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Showing up for anything is half the battle, life happens. I get overwhelmed by large tasks, I found breaking it down into smaller steps help get things flowing. I my not have the ambition to write every day but I still show up and up-vote, I might read something that strike inspiration somewhere. As long as we all show up in our own way and interact somehow, steemit has a chance. Like you said our success or failures here is based on showing up and putting forth the effort or not.

I noticed I get much more engagement on steemit from folks I never met than I do on facebook with people that know me in real life. This platform is still pretty interactive for a small regular user base it just needs to be more user friendly to attract everyone's gramma.

I agree 1000%. That's why I think I fell in love with this blockchain because of all the amazing engagement and potential we have here...And we're still small in comparison but wow, it's an exciting place to grow and develop.

Thank you for learning us and pushing us further... After the habit, comes a routine... And I love routine in my everyday job... Yes, it can be boring, but it's the mother of consistency and perseverance

Showing every day is the first step, and others are follow..

That's the trick man...The habits form the routines and that develops into massive change in our lives and business.

Yep, nail on the head sir. You gotta keep working and perfecting and working and perfecting and working and perfecting and working and perfecting...............

Never ending, we just need to keep swinging.

Loved your post Jongo!

I really did! Excuse my ignorance, but what are the P.I. videos? :)

Coming soon ;) Details very shortly lol

Cool! :)

Great advice Jon, and writing down the daily tasks and checking them off is very powerful, stay awesome.

It's magic, it really is. The amount I get accomplished is remarkable.

I know, though not too many points is also important.

The habit of showing up every day is very powerful @jongolson, and if we have goals to complete at the same time it gets even better, and every little thing we complete adds up and before you know it you have built a tower of accomplishments that everyone wants to admire, and you get to spend the rest of the time explaining how you did it and pay it forward and helping others to succeed, which usually makes your own success even greater, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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That's a good point...This effort starts to build...And one day, we can look back and say...We built this together. Epic to think of the future we all have in store.

Thanks @jongolson, yeah epic indeed it's just stackin and never stop, keep up your awesome work.

On point! Consistency is the key factor. Alot of people use the excuse of "oh it's not perfect it's not my best work I'll work on it tomorrow"
And always keep in mind the end goal.

Keep up the great work. Love seeing positive people like you.

BAM!!! So true....The analysis paralysis of trying to be perfect. Kills more dreams and businesses than anything else.

Believe me, I get it when you say life happens. I push myself at the very least to get 2 posts a day out (even if it's just my daily inspiration & #2020Vision) & several other things on my To Do List. However, it isn't always possible but CTP helped me adapt the "showing up" mentality awhile back. As long as I am doing some type of engagement, flow content or even just upvoting a few posts, I find a way to "show up". And showing up can be in so many different forms.

Great post, Jon, & yes, don't make me pixie stomp you back into the challenge hahah :) Unicorns are crying!🦄

Dancing Unicorn woo hoo.gif

ha ha ha ha The Unicorns Cometh!!!!!!

Such words of Wisdom....showing up is more than half the battle. Thanks my man for the post :)

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it sir!

Having a positive daily routine in which you dedicate certain time of the day for certain tasks is really helpful.

It's a great technique - to listen podcasts instead of radio.

Have a wonderful day!

yeah. i always try to listen to more podcasts. especially on the longer trips. so much stuff to learn and adopt.