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RE: How Drop Shipping Ruins Your Local Economy

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Read. LIKED.
Back to to much work before christmas...


Aren’t we all slaves to Santa! We work hard all year just to spend all of it at the end

Thats true.... This year I have already got my gift. Me and my wife decided to pay for "cleaning service of the house" once. So no gifts for me at christmas eve.
Do you know that gouverment pay 50% of the fee for thoose services. It is crazy....
So if the price is 400 USD we pay 200 usd.
They made so to "get rid of the black market". Thats true - but gouverment pay a lot - to get rid of a problem. Its feels like "I pay you so you dont do bad things"

I don't know if I'm just conditioned to never trust the government, perhaps because ours is so shockingly bad but even with all your Swedish Government benefits I'm not sold on it, I want to know how I'm being screwed over.

That's a lot of money for a cleaning service here you can get someone to clean your house for like $3 an hour and tell them to do whatever you want. It's by no means a livable wage but we have such a job crisis here people will take it on gladly