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RE: You May Not Hit A Homerun, But Take A Swing Everyday!

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Believe me, I get it when you say life happens. I push myself at the very least to get 2 posts a day out (even if it's just my daily inspiration & #2020Vision) & several other things on my To Do List. However, it isn't always possible but CTP helped me adapt the "showing up" mentality awhile back. As long as I am doing some type of engagement, flow content or even just upvoting a few posts, I find a way to "show up". And showing up can be in so many different forms.

Great post, Jon, & yes, don't make me pixie stomp you back into the challenge hahah :) Unicorns are crying!🦄

Dancing Unicorn woo hoo.gif


ha ha ha ha The Unicorns Cometh!!!!!!