Make Sure Your Bricks Build A Strong Foundation

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They are the best remedy for shiny object syndrome.
So many people long to get into a business of some sort. They hunt around for that perfect method. The make money fast solution. If they took the time spent hunting for the make money fast solution and put it into actually building a business. They likely would be making money by now.

Businesses are built, one brick at a time. Not all bricks are what goes into buildings. Every concrete step you take to put the pieces into place to start and run a business, is placing a brick. It’s building a foundation. You might need to modify a brick or even change it, but the bricks need to be there.

It’s so easy to get caught up with shiny objects. Promises of fast returns on little effort. That’s all they are, promises. The methods themselves, they can actually provide a business base most of the time. Just not one that is going to happen fast. You still need to make choices and start building the bricks to create the foundation. Every brick needs to add to the value and operation of the business.

A foundation is going to take time and effort. With enough time and effort, some businesses will reach a point they will generate passive income. If you built it with that plan in mind and the bricks needed to make it work.

Late last year, I finally took steps to start building a publishing business I’d been considering for sometime. See, thinking about it, is not creating bricks. Taking steps to actually create and put some product out the door, that’s laying bricks.

My next bricks, they always have to answer the question: How does this brick add to supporting putting products out the door and promoting those products? If I can’t answer the question clearly with a clear path of actions, the brick needs to get pounded to sand.

Now, my mission is to focus on the long game. To not judge if the business is winning in the short term. It is a business that will build over the long term and needs many more bricks in place to be sure of a firm foundation.

How about you?
Are you making bricks and adding them to a strong foundation?
Or are you chasing shiny objects to find that easy business?


Shadowspub is a writer from Ontario, Canada. She writes on a variety of subjects as she pursues her passion for learning. She also writes on other platforms.

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Hi @shadowspub! 👋

It's been so long since I talked (by text or voice) with you! I was thinking about you and figured I should check in and say, "Hello!"! 🙂

I have to say... This was a very thought provoking post! I enjoyed reading about your action plan for building your publishing business! Very Cool!

I think your mental blueprint for building a business is bang on. Most people don't have a clue how to make the bricks let alone lay them in a way that works. Most people only know how to have transactional conversations... Which is business run without a soul. Putting a business together is all about delving and forging much much deeper than that!

I love that your taking about the bricks though... That's business build through and through. They teach you how to run someone else's business in business school... But how many can say they actually know how money works or how to innovate and build a business?

Being able to build is a rare and valuable quality. Most people want to eat right away from their baby (business) and they end up eating the business before it's strong enough to support them.

Building takes vision, foresight, and a birds eye view. It doesn't just stop there... Execution matters just as much as having a killer idea. That takes strategy and a whole new toolbox of skill sets.

And then brick by brick it takes heaps of dogged determination fueled by an unstoppable dream to realize.

So I love every word you wrote here... and I hope that you continue to stick to your intent as you build out your business!

Congratulations on laying those first bricks! 🙌


P.S. I have a book in the works (who doesn't right!? 😉) But perhaps, if your willing, I can pass my idea by you. I'm still figuring out how I want it to be and what I want it to say... This would be my 1st book... So I admit! There's so much I don't know about publishing a book and I would love your input! This could be a chance to reconnect with you. What do you say? 😄

P.S.S. Could you add me to your Canadian's List? That would be great! 👍

Hey @wil.metcalfe great to hear from you. How goes the battle? Thank you for your kind words on my post. Would love to reconnect with you. Hit me up on Discord, I'm still on there all the time.

Curious to hear what you got cooking, and your book progress.

There's sure a lot in the works. Yes! But I'm optimistic and continuing to carve out time for what's important!

I think that tomorrow (Sat.) after my LIVE training session could work well. So anytime after, say 1pm MST (Alberta) might work good over here! It would be great to catch up over the Discord. 👍

This book is about 8 (maybe 9) years in the works... If I continue to sit on the idea I'm going to burst. I've already thought up the title and even bought the domain name. It's just a matter of forging ahead and instead of bricks... put words to paper.

sounds like a plan. I'm rarely away from the keyboard very long.

Ok! I'm looking forward to catching up! 😄

I almost missed your request for the Canuck Badge... you have it now.

Cool! I get a Canuck Badge! How does that work? I must know! 🇨🇦

Oh! There it is! Cool! A official badge! I like it!😁

I have noticed that shiny object syndrome or make money fast solution is a result of slothfulness. We want the good things of life but not the effort it takes to get them. Such mindset leads to engaging in fraudulent business or businesses that ends us ruining a person financially.

A business is just like a house. You want the house to still stand decades from now? Use quality building materials. Build a strong foundation. That's laying the bricks. It's takes hardwork, focus and commitment.

I guess the make money fast syndrome is rampant because of inflation in most economies. Like you said, let's focus on the long game. 🍀

I like the thoughts your expressing here @kemmyb. It shows that you have done some deep thinking on what it takes to build a successful enterprise.

I think that taking the short cut or the path of least resistance is a human trait... Because underneath it all we don't want to admit our frail fallibility. It's something we all have in common though... and it's that condition that unconsciously works on our souls.

To elevate ourselves above our mortal condition takes supreme will and a conditioned spiritual state. Knowing undoubtedly WHY one MUST act. That's the underlying purpose that drives the best entrepreneurs.

Resisting our implicit natures... That's what gives us the confidence and courage to DO what we set out to do... and not to just do it... but to do it with style.

I'm glad that you take the long game seriously... That's why I'm taking the time to say these things.

Most people aren't thinking this way... So just reading your words is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for commenting on @shadowspub's post. We need more comments like yours to get those business brain juices flowing! 🙌


P.S. Added you! 🙂

Good analogy Shadow. 😎

Very good post. Yes, I am building my online business everyday. Mostly short Travel videos here in Ontario Canada ... on YouTube and HideoutTV..... building subscribers.

Hey, Could I be added to your list of Canadians on Hive ?

Great idea...


You have the badge.. nice to see you are still with us.

Yeah... well, I have been posting here every single day since June 2017.

hi there - I just noticed your follow (cheers).
You also left 2 replies - they are coming up as '404's - not found.

...Just letting you know, matey.

Yeah ... I was letting you know about Blurt... but I see you are already over there.

I never really posted there much - only a few it worth cross posting, you think?

Well... I made about 350,000 blurt from posting and curation there since July. If Blurt goes to $1 I will be able to retire.

I try to make each post unique.. I am an Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker, Travel writer so I Share my Work everywhere .... EVERYWHERE .... even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everywhere.... Hive, Blurt, Steemit, Appics, Noise.Cash .... it adds up.

Cheers matey - maybe i need to start posting there to...

Yeah .... eventually, millions of pennies add up to millions of dollars. I’m happy making a penny anywhere.

Share some stuff with the correct hashtags and you will get Big Blurt upvotes..... music with with #blurtart .... tech with #blurtech with #blurtravel .... crypto with #cryptoblurt .... life stories with #blurtlife etc...,... you can trade your Blurt for Bitcoin on ... it adds up very fast.

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