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It has been a busy quarter for me but I always look forward to posting my updates about how the experience with Steem has been when measured with key metrics that I follow. The process takes longer every quarter as the ecosystem continues to evolve and expand and new metrics have to be considered in order to get a good picture on how our performances are given the changes often made. This quarter was no exception as the largest change of the year took place with Hard Fork(s) 21 and 22! However, it has definitely given me some new perspective about my time here under #NewSteem!

I was originally skeptical about the Hard Fork as it had me concerned about the incentive to engage actively which I continue to believe is the key behavior needed to build a strong account here in the ecosystem. While I still am looking forward to finding a better way to incentivize the commentary aspect of our engagement, I believe that curation in general has been given new life and has promoted more voting by larger accounts given the increased payouts. This has been a rollercoaster for me as my busy schedule this past quarter has not allowed me to either engage nor really curate as actively as I have in the past to take advantage of these changes. I have even found myself at 100% Voting Power despite increase my autovotes and now following three Curation Trails!

Curation League.png

The situation has impacted my engagement metrics across the board which is something new for me to realize as I have always been striving to improve these metrics no matter the situation around me. I must admit that it has probably been the mix of workload and the changes that have left me with these metrics going downward but I think that the fact that I continue to engage and remain present with the community is the main factor that is important to continue. My scores for the Weekly Curation and Engagement League has been back to the lows I had when I went on vacation due to this. However, the fact that I still remain on the leaderboard is encouraging as that still measures the Top 25% of engagement in the ecosystem (if I am not mistaken).

Steem UA.png

While I miss the engagement I was used to having, I am also being realistic as to how much I can get back to given the amount of things I have going on in my life. In the end, I need to balance all that is important to achieving my personal goals for the benefit of my family. I continue to find very interesting how many metrics here in the ecosystem correlate with each other and engagement continues to be the foundation. My Steem-UA score is an example that I have also noticed drop which makes sense although it continues to be a project that has been somewhat silent as of late. However, my Steem based reputation has finally gotten to 68 which is always a great metric to celebrate!

SP ITD.png

Another metric I am somewhat shy to report on this quarter is my Steem Power growth. Despite the low price of Steem, I have not really accelerated my accumulation of Steem Power this quarter. In fact, I have not powered up in a couple of months! First, I was really waiting to see what the Hard Fork would do to the economics of it all which was tough to gauge initially (still is). However, the main reason that I have not powered up is that I have continued to investment my Steem into Splinterlands as the game continues to develop aggressively with positive results as the value of my Collection has increased dramatically. Not only has the investment paid off, but I find myself enjoying the competition and engagement very much while there!


I did not slow down my Steem purchases this quarter as the price has been too good of an opportunity to miss! Although none of the purchases have made it to my power up, it has helped me continue reducing my average cost of Steem which is now down to $0.60! If I would have every thought that I would buy over 7,000 Steem in one quarter at an average price of $0.24, I would have thought it was a joke! The fact that the average is coming down is great as it makes the bar for the investment to be positive much closer. I do not believe it is unrealistic to believe that the value of Steem could surpass $0.60 again for a sustained period of time given all the development that continues here.


The only thing that has been painful to realize is that spending so much Steem on my Splinterlands Collection has made me realize a lot of these losses. Since I have used so much Steem for these purposes on a First In First Out (FIFO) basis, I have incurred in a couple of thousand dollars of losses this year. Basically, I have sold my cost basis of previous Steem purchases through January of this year! While painful, I feel really great of having most of the value of the Steem in my Splinterlands Collection as that project continues to demonstrate growth and value creation. It also helps diversify a bit within the same ecosystem which is a great idea over the long term.

As my experience on Steem continues to deep, the amount of metrics to track continues to grow which is making these updates more extensive and leading to continually making these posts a two part event! I will look to post part II later this week!

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I am hoping that splinterlands will pay off for those who have invested into it as well as deliver some fun for those who spend their time playing.

Also hoping that the 60 cent cost average is going to be well and truly surpassed in the coming year.

It definitely is as I continue to calculate earnings every season and it continues to grow given the multiple ways to earn! I think my Collection alone is an Orca sized one if measured in Steem but it still doesn’t count as I still want to get there in SP! I calculated about $70 on a 15 day season in DEC tokens alone! I am now calculating how much in Reward Cards this Season. Fun and profitable; cannot ask for more!

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