Weedcash Store Just Got a Facelift!

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The official Weedcash.store just got a major facelift! So with the new products and distributor I was able to secure, I wanted to really fix up the Weedcash store. Being that I had already built the established store, it would have been too hard with all of the other products and such to move it to it's own subdomain, so I basically just created individual pages for all of the Weedcash product categories and made it's own little sub section on the site.

I have 12 categories ranging from Weedcash branded products, to CBD and hemp products, as well as a host of glassware, vapes, and other accessories!

Due to the nature of the products on this store, I have officially stopped taking fiat currency on thelogicaldude.com entirely! I am now all crypto on this site! If you want to use my future services and want to pay in fiat, then we can discuss using PayPal for that kind of thing if you need, but I give allot of crypto payment options and would really prefer it at this point. If you just have to pay for an item with fiat, please message me on Twitter or Discord to talk about an off site order. I cannot have CBD or hemp sales go through PayPal as they will disable my account. That's why I love crypto! This is what stopped what was beginning to be a very successful CBD business I started back in 2016 and early 2017 called Natures Vapors. Man if I would have known about crypto at that time... But anyway, here is my second run and my best way into the cannabis industry, lol.

I am really excited to be apart of this community and thankful for @richardcrill allowing me to kind of take the reins  and run with this.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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thank you I really appreciate this!

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Glad I am able to find a way to contribute!


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is there Hive cannabis gear?

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No there’s not customized have gear right now I’m working with a specific distributor out of the US, But they don’t do any customization. Everything I have is dropship. It’s something I have been looking into but has a big upfront cost that I am not willing to pay right now.

make a HDF proposal for branded merch and post it in the Hive Marketing Community.

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Some of the Weedcash branded stuff has the Hive logo like shirts, hats, and a couple of the other accessories like water bottles.

wicked I am following for sure, I just have a lot of cannabis clothing and have been trying to stock up on Hive gear as of late as its the only crypto I dont own a bunch of shirts for.

I have like 40 custom Zcash shirts lol

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I have some more shirt design ideas and such that will be coming but that is allot easier to do than actually having to have stuff made and buying bulk items and having to sit on it. The shirts are all made when ordered kind of thing.

thats how i offer my zcash shirts to people too i dont sell them officially just have the designs for private use to irl friends

Store is looking good

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