Valentines Day

in #cards2 months ago

What is my passion? My passion is making greeting cards. When not on Hive or CTP or CTPtalk, I am making cards. So I took some photos of them and am just going to show them here.


I enjoyed making these. So I hope you enjoy seeing them.


Oh nice my younger sister and even sometimes my Mom and other parts of the family maybe make cards too I know my little sister does every time they even get they even got together and made cards together on occasion in the past they're beautiful

I love making cards. I go back home and make cards with my Mother . She inspires me.

Waahh those are cute and so nice 😍 I love doing scrapbooks when I was younger and this just felt nostalgic. If I’d make another card for someone pretty sure I’ll do it like this too!

These are beautiful cards. I can’t upvote because it is pass the 7 days but will leave a tip.

Thank you.