This Is My First Post

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Hello CTP Members this is the first time I am using this platform to post a blog. Anyway I will start by telling you my past history online with this affiliate marketing online.

I started out in 2000 with stone evens the first program that I ever done but it was not long before I noticed I had a big problem.

The problem was I couldn't stay in a program for that long so i could earn money. It has took my 20 years to (Get It) that I should have stayed with CTP from the start in 2013 and build my list over these years.

I look at my list now and I have 72 members on my list all free members and they have been with CTP since 2013 to 2019 I was shocked when I seen how long they stayed on my CTP list. They are like me I never deleted my account with CTP but now i see there is a lot of changes.

The changes are good and I like them but I have to come out of my comfort zone im not sure even after this Long what all the stuff is about on social media.

I have been doing traffic exchanges and viral mailers for years now and built many list only to leave them in the dust.

So now I have decided to spend the rest of my time helping other people avoid what I have been doing I have learned a lot in this short time I have been back at CTP even the word-press blogs have changes now since the early days.


Welcome back! Yes, things, tools & interfaces may change but marketing fundamentals remain the same. We shall be glad to learn from your experiences. Hoping to see you sharing your insights regularly here.


Thanks for the reply im going to be spending more time on here than facebook and twitter
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Welcome (back) to the CTP Swarm! And I agree with leaving the comfort zone... As soon as you do that, you will get more advance in this all new world...


Thanks for the reply I am trying to learn the new stuff here I have my ebook read the (I am alive) but having a problem with my LCP Code
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