Limited Or Unlimited Choices

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In a way this Topic or Subject can be seen in perspective of Wants and Needs because at the end of the day our Choice is either a Want or a Need. But World Of Wants and World Of Needs are so different from each other and in Economical Terms one choice can be more costly and other one cheap.

We all Human Beings are Leaders, don't look just towards the Philosophical Points, when we see the Reality with Practical view point then clearly we will understand that we are Individuals and we have to lead our own life, so in a way day in and day out we are performing Leadership Actions.

So what makes our life different than others? Simply our Situations or Circumstances and Decision Making Qualities or Effectivity. We can see so many Ships (Path) in our life but we can onboard on few and then wherever those ships will take us we have to mould ourselves as per our circumstances.

Before experiencing any Journey, it's just a Imagination and we have a Image Of Expectation, but taste of Reality is so much different and this message awakes when we reach to Last Page of our Destination of current phase.


When Time Of Action or Implementation arrives we have to choose a right path, but we face Inner Conflict because our Voice Of Heart** and Voice Of Mind speaks at the same time and after that it turns or converts into the Inner Noise.

Inner Noise means, in a way leading towards the State Of Indecisiveness and that leads us towards the State Of Stagnancy. But some people know that Power exists in the Mindset, so they focus into the process of Re-engineering Of Mindset.

Re-engineering Process helps us to refocus towards our power and it cut off and throw off all the doubts which arrives due to Increase in the Competition, and when Competition overpowers our Confidence then we walk away from our strengths and instead of that follows those path which never suits us.

Every time we will not going to receive Preferable Options or Favorable Situations. But in these situations you need a Drive which will inspire you to cross this hurdle and which inwardly tells that after crossing this hurdle it will going to make you more strong, and in my opinion that drive is nothing but our Passion.


But only Passion is not enough because Principle Of Life is Failures and it depends upon Individuals how they play with the Situations Of Failures, some become so much strong and some suppressed by their difficult circumstances.

In my opinion Perception is a game and we can Change or Transform any situation but most of us are facing difficulty in achieving Art Of Transformation because of Fear Of Change because we don't want to move away from our Comfort Zone or fear of loosing what we have already.

But listen to your Instincts and Intuition because it tells the Truth and that Truth is, only Change is Constant and we have to welcome change or change will greet you and we never know in which form Change will arrive.

So it doesn't matter if you have Limited Options or Unlimited Options, at the end of the day only Durational Journey and our Experiences will going to make us mature and will let us know which path is truly resonates with our Higher Self.

Steem On.


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Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Dear @chireerocks

Finally I found some time to calmly read your publication with fresh mind :)

I'm not sure if I agree with your statement that "We all Human Beings are Leaders". I believe that most human beings are followers.

But some people know that Power exists in the Mindset, so they focus into the process of Re-engineering Of Mindset.

You nailed it. Building right mindset is surely very important. If not the most important thing we should focus on.

Upvoted already :)
Cheers, Piotr

When we are talking about Collective Consciousness then many are followers no doubt in it but here i am talking about the Individual Consciousness because every specie have to lead itself to reach where they want to and for that they have to lead themselves day in and day out. Stay blessed.

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