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I love the learning process creating books gives me.


I’ve recently started creating books. Coloring books, lined journals and sketch books. Like all publishing, it’s a learning process. I’ve had fun creating my first coloring books. The first one was a fall and Thanksgiving themed book.

When my author copy arrived and I held it in my hands, it really was a delight. To see, touch and feel the result of the digital work I’d done was pretty cool. I opened it and started to leaf through it comparing how I thought the pages should be with how the printed and trimmed version came out. There were some pages that didn’t meet my expectations. Wasn’t major but they would contribute to my learning for the next ones.

And of course there were more and will be more yet. The next three books have all been Christmas themed books. The common element in each is almost all the pages have a geometric pattern as a backdrop to the Christmas elements.


Dear Santa

The first book I created was a book with thirty adult letters to Santa Claus. The letters are a mix of naughty and nice, some of them were a tad on the saucy side.

My first challenge was combing through my available fonts to find one to use that would be suitable for being colored in. What I didn’t know then was I should be looking for an outline font which would have made the job of choosing a font a lot easier. But, sometimes doing something the hard way, makes you appreciate the easier ways.


Christmas Carols with Lyrics

The second book was all about Christmas music. I did a list of popular Christmas songs and was planning on featuring the titles on the coloring page and the lyrics on the left page right beside the coloring page.

I quickly learned, there is a big difference between Christmas songs in the public domain and not. Just because a song like ‘Silver Bells’ has been around forever, doesn’t mean it’s in the public domain. And, the way music rights holder protect those rights, best not to use anything but the title. The second book focused on Christmas songs in the public domain so I could use the lyrics as planned.

Each page had a border frame in this book. They quickly became a lesson in the importance of respecting the gutter width in a book. The gutter is the part of the page that ends up near the binding. The thicker the book, the wider the gutter has to be to make sure everything on the page can be seen by the reader and not disappear into the binding.


Hidden Christmas Carol Titles

My third book was also about Christmas music. This time, it was titles not in the public domain. No lyrics, just the titles.

In the previous two books, the text had a backgrounds between the text and the geometric patterns. My research had told me, there are a lot of people who don’t only enjoy coloring geometric patterns, they enjoy the fun of finding text hidden in the patterns.

I hid the Christmas music titles in the text of the coloring images in the third book. It was fun figuring out the placing of the words on the images. At the bottom of each page I wrote the title found on the image.


Would You Like to Sample the Images?

When I decided to write this article, I decided I’d like to share some of the pages from the books with my readers. I’ve been giving away other coloring pages to the subscribers of Shadow’s News but I’ve not shared pages from my books until now.

If you enjoy coloring and would like the four coloring pages and the lyrics to ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ then just visit the giveaway page here.

During 2021 I plan on creating and publishing more coloring books, prompt books, planners, journals, log books and who knows what else. I’m having fun, so why would I want to stop?

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Ha ha ha got that Letters to Santa one. Glad you having fun creating your own brand😎

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Keep up the good work!

It is no small thing to create books! The extra process that goes into the style you are making now is awesome.

Must be great to get back to the pub. ;)

It is .. enjoying creating them and others. More in the pipe for sure.

Many thanks!

Liebe Grüße Michael


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