Jurassic World: A compelling sequel


Jurassic Park is a very important title for my teenage life and I still remember well that beautiful bad day spent at the cinema with my older brother in 1993, a success that did not have a great following with chapter 2 and above all the more disappointing chapter 3 When I learned about the new saga, Jurassic World, a sequel to the 90s trilogy, I admit that I feared the worst, although I was comforted by the presence of Steven Spielberg as a producer.


Jurassic World, more than 20 years after Jurassic Park, has considerably improved in terms of graphic effects: here the dinosaurs are made in computer graphics with a very high visual effect while in the first film the Jurassic animals were made of paper and similar materials. . The cast has been completely revolutionized, there is no protagonist in the trilogy, and the story tells of the redevelopment of the island of Isla Nublar, after 22 years from the previous accident that caused victims and damage such as to have to leave the park .

With new technologies and new investors, making the park safer and more enjoyable for the visitor experience. The novelty consists in the creation of genetically modified dinosaurs in order to obtain new species and develop new behavioral characteristics, with the presumption of domesticating the Jurassic creatures. Genetics fails in its plan, proving that it is not possible to tame creatures with an innate instinct for hunting like the Rex, the most fearsome and violent among dinosaurs, also developing a superior intelligence that will be able to deceive the same scientists.


A new escape of the animals and the park goes back in time, when the disaster began. This time to remedy there will be Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), former military and now trainer of velociraptors, with whom he has shown to have a certain feeling. Owen will have to rescue Claire's grandchildren, the park manager, who are missing on the island after the escape of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and all the other dangerous animals kept in the park.

The tragedy is looming. Claire's nieces repeatedly come close to death after close encounters with fearsome dinosaurs, including the Rex, but eventually manage to reunite with Aunt Claire and Owen. As in a horror movie, in the end the group finds themselves facing the T-Rex and thanks to the help of the velociraptors and an unexpected ally, they will be able to escape.

My impressions are very positive, past the impact of the new protagonists, the story is well constructed and compelling. The special effects have definitely improved the appearance of the dinosaurs but also of the scenography in general: more details, colors and emotions. I love the soundtrack they left intact and that always makes my heart tremble a little. The film was a huge grossing success with over $ 500 million and garnered many international accolades. I recommend the vision to fans of the trilogy as long as you liberate any prejudice with respect to the original movie.

I love it