Captain Phillips movie review

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Captain Phillips

On this occasion we will talk about the film starring Tom Hanks where he gives life to Captain Phillips who piloted a large cargo ship near the coast of Somalia, these waters are characterized by being frequented by modern pirates, who mostly board the ships with long weapons to later take the loot or the safe.


###The plot
narrates the fact that the pirates of Somalia had never heard this until watching this movie and excuse my ignorance a rather crude plot at the end a captain with all the desire to do his job properly with a lot of discipline with honor to his profession With principles and values ​​but a rather complicated path and route, having the knowledge of what could happen, I was as prepared as possible but it was not enough, these people from Somalia tend to go fishing very far in the outskirts led by the extreme poverty they live, but there a A group that goes beyond simply fishing, they go out with the objective of stealing these boats that due to their destination must pass through areas where they usually arrive, these men planned everything and went in search of this vessel, the captain visualizes them and manages to warn, he prepares his entire crew, to hide while he would remain at his post,


unfortunately they manage to get on the boat

And a whole tragedy begins full of bloody and hardly tolerable scenes, the captain of the Somalis decides to look for the crew and in that search one of the pirates cuts his foot, the perfect moment to distract them, they return to give him attention and the crew They manage to take the Somali captain hostage but then the plan does not go as well as they hoped, since before they get off they ask the captain to get into the lifeboat with them, supposedly to make a change they recovered their leader and returned to the captain , but it was not like that. They kidnap him and continue with their plan, while the United States naval force begins the rescue operation, which was extremely exciting, the way they calculate each step, while the Somali pirates demanded a ransom of 10 million dollars, the which they were trying to negotiate, but at the end of all this they were tricked into rescuing the captain, they managed to maneuver these pirates perfectly, it is quite complicated but not impossible, the captain manages to escape but does not achieve anything and they catch him again and feel that he would no longer make it out alive, he wrote something for his family and confronted them and when he saw himself almost die, the naval force gives its final touch, the snipers do their job and the 3 pirates in a precise and calculated order execute 3 shots at the same time to end the threat and save the captain, then he was rescued but was in shock and how could he not be, living a situation where he almost lost his life was not for less s.
I recommend this movie, based on real events ...


According to the plot, the captain returns to the sea after 1 year, loving your profession is what takes you back to where you like to be. But I am sure that without forgetting that bitter drink that he had to live in the sea.

Somalia lives in extreme poverty and in oblivion, a part of them are dedicated to this. To be true pirates.