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Last weekend I decided to spend an evening at the movies and I chose to re-watch crime drama "Uncut Gems" by brothers-directors Joshua and Benjamin Safdie, who had previously shown an excellent film "Good Time" with Robert Pattinson.


The protagonist of the film is Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), the owner of a small jewelry shop, who runs like a squirrel in a wheel. The business does not bring much income. Ahead unpleasantly looms a divorce. Doctors suspect colon cancer and insist on surgery, but worst of all, he owes a considerable sum to his sister's husband, who regularly sends him debt collectors, on whom Howard's charms have no effect.

The only way out of this difficult situation Howard sees an auction in which he plans to sell the Ethiopian opal, which he estimates could make him obscenely rich, but of course it will all go completely wrong, and time will be his greatest enemy for the next couple of days.

Upon learning that the Sadfy brothers had called Adam Sandler, known mostly for silly or family comedies, to their new project, I was quite intrigued and, was pleasantly surprised by his fantastic transformation.Something similar was done by S. Craig Zaller with Vince Vaughn in "Fight in the Block 99," but Sandler, in his new role was an order of magnitude cooler than his colleague, and every nervous breakdown of his character feels like his own.

The character is as lively as possible. Unencumbered by high moral principles. Balancing between family, mistress and bandits. He is very easily accessible and, I repeat, played simply fantastic.

Intonation, impulsiveness, the need to constantly run somewhere - Sandler's character, who at first seems a small fussy fish living in a giant coral New York, turns out to be a real shark, which will simply die if he stops.

This is impressive, frightening, and, surprisingly, incredibly sympathetic, reminiscent of the chaos of Shakespeare's tragicomedy The Merchant of Venice. The hero of that play was just as much a rascal, a joker, and a loser who was willing to do anything to achieve his own goals.

Probably, it is the similarity with the immortal work that conquered Martin Scorsese, who became an executive producer of this film. It feels like he was right, as did the Sadfy brothers, who dissected the underdog's encounter with fate itself by incorporating world-famous basketball player Kevin Garnett and popular canadian singer The Weeknd, who played themselves into this realistic story.

The next project of the brothers is a reboot of the cult comedy action movie "48 Hours" and we suspect that they will be able to raise the quality bar even higher and at the same time show their talent for extremely exciting stories.

9 out of 10

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That ending, i didnt see it coming till it came!! Quite a good movie!!

One of the few movies that made me cry